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The 7 Best Anti Yeast Dog Foods of 2020

anti yeast dog foodYeast infections can be pretty unpleasant for our dogs. When treated properly we can ensure that they get over the worst symptoms pretty quickly.

Regular treatment and a good diet can help to keep issues at bay. However, a poor diet or a lapse in grooming can allow these yeast build ups to get a lot worse. The best way to handle these issues as they arise is to understand the problem, find a great anti yeast dog food and work on some other home remedies.

In this guide, we will look at the issue of yeast infections in dogs from a few different angles. First of all, we want to look at some of the problems and symptoms that your dog may experience. This will help you understand the problem you are treating.Then we will look at the importance of a good anti-yeast doggy diet and some of the best products that are available. Finally, we will look at other treatment options, such as OTC dog yeast solutions and natural remedies.

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Top 7 Anti Yeast Dog Food In 2020

The following are the 7 of the best foods for yeast infections. These products are mentioned in more detail in our dog food reviews below. As you can see there are some interesting ingredients and benefits.

1. Honest Kitchen Grain Free
  • Ingredients: Turkey, Organic flaxseed, Potatoes, spinach, carrots, etc
2. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diets
  • Ingredients: Lamb Meal, Peas, Tapioca, Pea Protein, Canola Oil
3. Rachael Ray Natural Dry Food
  • Ingredients: Beef, Venison & Lamb
4. Blue Buffalo Freedom Dog Food
  • Area: Up to 25 acres
  • No. of dogs: Up to 5
  • Features: Semi wireless custom shape. Includes- wires, Training flags, Collar etc
5. CANIDAE Grain Free Dry Formula
  • Ingredients: Beef, Turkey Meal, Vegetables
6. Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried
  • Ingredients: Lamb, salmon, lamb heart, lamb liver, sunflower oil
7. Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food
  • Ingredients: Lamb, Salmon, Turkey Flavors


Symptoms and problems with yeast infections in dogs.

Before we look at those dog food products in more detail, we need to consider the medical issues and symptoms. The first problem to look at here is the risk of ear infections. Dogs can develop a build up of yeast and/or bacteria in the outer ear canal. Dog with big droopy ears may suffer more easily. Signs of these issues may include scratching, rubbing or the dog shaking their head. Ideally, you need to know how to clean dog ears with yeast infection to prevent the situation from getting worse. A combination of these rinses and a good diet can help, as you will see below.

Then there are those dogs that develop issues with their paws. It isn’t uncommon to find dog yeast infections on paws. There are little crevices of skin that can get damp and infected with ease. The symptoms are similar to that of ear infections and can be handled in similar ways.

Finally, there are those that suffer with skin complaints. Owners may notice that the dog’s skin is a little more greasy, thicker or darker than normal. In some case, it may get so tough that looks more like a hide. Dogs may also lick or rub the area as a sign of irritation. If your dog does this, or suffers with the paw or ear issues above, you need to consider changing their diet.

Finding The Best Anti Yeast Dog Food

Now that we understand more about the best and worst ingredients, let’s take a look at some of the anti yeast dog foods.

1. The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Grain Free Dog Food

Many of the top dog foods for yeast issues will focus on the lack of carbs and the high protein content. This cage-free turkey option goes a little further with an interesting choice of ingredient. There are no grains or negative carb sources, so little starch. Instead there are spinach, cranberries and other vegetables to fill out the meal and provide fibre.

finding the best anti yeast dog food

There are also blueberries, cranberries and carrots to provide omega for skin health, vitamins and antioxidants. This is classed as a “nutrient-dense recipe” that dogs are meant to love. It won’t be to all dog’s tastes, but could end up helping their skin and ear conditions.


2. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diets

Limited Ingredient Diets dog products are popular with those dealing with a range of health issues. This sort of product is a great alternative to the more time consuming home-cooked options. You can be sure of a clean, simple diet, but don’t have the stress of getting the balance right. Instinct has created a series of basic options that cut out ingredients that can cause issues.

sugar free dog food

This is a low carb solution thanks to the deliberate absence of potato, gluten and grains. There is also just the one animal protein source, which is never chicken, beef or fish. Some dog owners may think this is a little extreme, but it can help those that need to detox their dog’s diet. An added benefit with these cans of wet food is that there are fewer starch binding agents.


3. Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Natural Dry Dog Food

For this 3rd option, we turn to something a little more high-end. There is a good chance that you will have to pay a little more for the privilege of this product. However, the ingredients and formula should prove helpful for a yeast free dog diet.

best dog food for yeast infections

The standout ingredient here is the U.S. Farm Raised Beef, which equates to a 30% protein count. This tasty meal is also free from grain, gluten and filler ingredients. Therefore, there should be fewer sugars to worry about.


4. Blue Buffalo Freedom 100% Grain Free

We have added this option into the guide because it is such a simple, well-known product. The others in the guide are either a little too extreme or high-end for some needs. This Blue Freedom product show that you can support an anti-yeast diet with a more ordinary product.

anti yeast dog food

This one is grain free and has no gluten. This help to remove the risk of allergen and clean up the food. The protein source is a real meat from a high end source, which means no by-products. There are few fancy extras, but this can still prove to be helpful.


5. CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Elements Adult Dog Dry Formula

The final option here is an interesting options for those that want a formula for more sensitive pets. Again, this is a limited ingredient diet. There are only 7 to 10 ingredients in each flavour, so pet parents should have no problem figuring out precisely what is it each bag.

anti yeast dog food

This simplicity helps those worried about allergens. The downside is that there are a few more carbs and starchy elements here, with the use of sweet potatoes and chickpeas. But, there are some great lean proteins and other nutrients. The real fish or meat pieces help to keep dogs healthy and there is no wheat, soy or corn.


What is Anti Yeast Dog Food?

One of the first lines of defence when dealing with these issues is to look for yeast free dog food. There are products that have all the best ingredients and simple formulas to try and stop the growth of yeast infections and other related issues. We can’t overlook the importance of dog food for yeast infections because it is one of the most effective, reliable ways to help reduce the problem a daily diet is something we can rely on for constant maintenance of the issue. A great tasting, helpful meal is also preferable for the dog because they aren’t taking any strange, weird-tasting medication.

Sugar-Free Dog Food Vs Starch Free Dog Food.

It is important to consider the formulas and ingredients with these foods. Some will claim to be sugar free dog food, while others are starch free.

A sugar free meal is a good starting point because it should focus on plenty of healthy ingredients. But there are is a difference between sugary food and the sugars broken down from starchy food. We can forget about his hidden sugar content within potatoes, rice and other related products. Some products also add starch as a way to bind ingredients together, such as in some kibble.

What ingredients should you look for when choosing a top anti yeast dog food?

Make sure to avoid the following when creating the best diet again yeast infections.

  • Highly processed products.
  • High levels of fructose corn syrup.
  • Starch as a binding agent.
  • Carb-based foods that provide too much sugar.
  • Wheat and grains.

Instead, try and turn to the following.

  • Whole, unprocessed foods.
  • Low-carb solutions.
  • Lean protein.
  • Probiotics and other digestive enzymes

Turning to a raw or home-cooked meal plan for handling yeast infections in dogs.

Home cooked meals are a great solution for pet parents that have the time and means. A personalised meal plan lets you control these ingredients more easily. You can limit carbs and use nothing but real lean meat and vegetables. These real meals also won’t have the added starch binders. However, it may be more difficult to add extra enzymes and ingredients to boost health without supplementation. This isn’t the cheapest solution, but it can help in the short term if dogs are dealing with big infections.

Other home remedies for yeast overgrowth in dogs.

Before we finish this guide to the best products for yeast issues in dogs, we need to look at some of the possible home remedies that are available. Home remedies are a great idea for those that want to keep on top of a simple problem and can’t afford vet treatments. There are lots of different products that you can use on paws, ears and skin issues, including many different forms of oils and vinegar solutions.

It is important to know how to treat dog ear infection naturally. As we mentioned before, it helps to use an ear flush for dogs alongside this new anti-yeast diet. These ear flushes are a great way to break down the enzymes and build up in the ear. Regular, careful use can provide great relief. Many use oils to do this, include olive or calendula oil. This is similar to ear-wax solutions that we use for our own ears. Other pet owners like dog ear yeast infection treatment vinegar solutions. These vinegars are diluted with water to use as a rinse or to wipe over the ear while grooming. Others use apple cider vinegar for dog ear mites by adding some to the dog’s meal.

Then there is the potential link between skin infections and coconut oil. Coconut oil really is an important ingredient for health and well-being these days. It seems that we are only just beginning to understand its potential. Part of the reason for its popularity is that it contains large amounts of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). This essentially makes it a triple threat when it comes to health care – it is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. A dog skin yeast infection coconut oil solution is therefore a great choice in these problem areas. Owners can massage the oil into the skin to help kill off the problem and clean out the area. The oil also helps to moisturise the skin and reduce the appearance of those tougher patches. Read some benefits of MCT Oil here.

These oil and vinegar dog yeast solutions are also great when handling the paws of pets. Again, simply wipe over the solution and let it break down the enzymes and bacteria. With frequent use, and the right diet, you can see some improvements.

The problems of lemon and peroxide.

Some dog owners may decide to turn to something a little stronger when looking at the best home remedies for dog yeast problems. Hydrogen peroxide is an option for some ear infections, but this might be a little extreme for some owners. Others take things down a notch and use lemon juice for its anti-bacterial properties. One problem here is that there is a risk of bleaching. There is an old home treatment of using lemon juice to lighten human hair in the summer. The same reactions apply to dog hair too.

Knowing when to deal with a vet or go for something stronger over the counter.

There will be dog owners that will ask about a dog ear infection treatment over the counter. There are pros and cons to this option. On the plus side, a specialist dog treatment may get to work a little faster and provide better relief on severe cases. The problem is that this may involve more dangerous formulas. Some will also question the worth of a dog ear yeast infection monista treatment or zymox ear solution. There is the potential for some of these human products to work in the same way. But, there are still some safety issues to keep in mind.

If you ever have any doubt over a treatment option or dog food for yeast problems, talk to a veterinarian. These professionals can offer advice on diets, solutions and products that are best suited to your dog’s condition. They can also take another look at any severe cases and side effects.

The most important takeaway here is to combat these yeast issues from different angles.

As you can see, the best solutions for dog yeast infections aren’t always a one-sided approach. It can help to attack the issue from two angles – the diet and the natural cleanses. These natural remedies for dog yeast can help you provide quick relief from itching and smells. The oils and vinegars handle the issue on the skin, paws and ears. The addition of a good diet and the best anti yeast dog food can help you control the bigger issues at play. Choose your dog food carefully, talk to your vet and provide the best care possible.


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