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The Best Smelling Dog Shampoo


best leather dog collarAll dog owners love their pets unconditionally. But, there is one thing that can be off putting, however much we may want to cuddle and pet our animals. That problem is dog odor.

When we talk about odor, we don’t just mean that general doggy smell or the “wet dog” aroma that comes from a walk in the rain. There are some cases where dogs can smell a lot worse. This is where it really helps to find the best smelling dog shampoo possible and learn more about bathing habits.

The Best Scented Dog Shampoo [2020]: Our Top Picks

The following guide is split into three key sections of interest. There is list of five products that we feel are great examples of top dog shampoos. From there we will take a closer look at some of the important ingredient and considerations when choosing a dog shampoo. Finally, we will discuss some top tips on bathing your dog in a calm, effective way.

Why Do Dogs Smell Bad?

There are two forms of dog odor issues to consider here. The first is the odor that lingers on the skin and fur after a day playing in water or mud. It is all cute enough when your both having fun outside, but not so great indoors. Then there are the odor issues that emanate from the animal. Dogs can develop fungal infections, skin problems and seborrhea. If your pet has a continual odor that you can’t seem to get rid off, it could be down to one of these health issues. Learn more here why your dog smells bad.

The solution to this problem may come down to the products you use when you bathe your dog. The products listed below all have some great properties and ingredients to provide the best results. We have compiled some of the key features here.

Is it safe to use human shampoo on dogs?

Before we consider the best smelling dog shampoo products, we need to emphasize the importance of using a dog shampoo rather than one designed for humans. Some dog owners will try and use a human shampoo on their pet to get rid of the smell. There are many reasons for this error.

1. Some do so because they feel it is economical.
2. Some do so because they believe the formula will work, due to their own personal experiences.
3. Some do so because they like the smell.

The problem here is that these shampoos are not formulated to be safe for our pets. Many contain too many chemicals and harsh agents, which may end up damaging the skin or coat of the dog. Also, remember that dog’s noses are much more sensitive than our own. A pleasant, artificial fragrance may be an overpowering irritant to them.

Top 5 smelling dog shampoo reviews

That is why it is so important that we choose the very best dog shampoo products that are formulated for our four-legged friends. The 5 products below marry the best ingredients and agents for a clean coat and great smell.

1. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo – Best for all

This product is a popular choice for two reasons. The first is the use of that all-natural formula. This option is full of helpful ingredients with no soaps, fragrances or other elements that may cause harm. This safe, gentle and fully biodegradable option is therefore very popular with many dog owners that want the very best for their pups.

Smelling dog shampoo


The other benefit here is the range choice of options. There are some formulas in the brand that are specifically designed to be hypo-allergenic or to aid with other conditions. Then there is the choice between different natural scents. There are some great reviews from users that talk about the quality of the shampoo, the results and the great smell.

2. Oster Oatmeal Naturals Odour Control Shampoo

This product is the first in this list to come from a leading company in pet grooming products. Oster is renowned for the quality of their hair clippers, so maybe they are also a good bet when it comes to choosing a shampoo.

This is another completely natural solution with no dyes, chemicals or parabens in sight. The oatmeal formula helps to sooth the skin and has added B5 vitamins to act as a conditioner.

good smelling dog shampoo


This option has an orange burst scent from orange extract that many owners will appreciate. There are other products with different purposes that have other scents. For example, there is a puppy solution that smells of baby powder and an extra soothing option in country apple.

3. Wahl Odor Control Dog Shampoo

Dog owners that aren’t fans of the Oster brand may instead be more inclined to turn to Wahl for their bathing needs. This popular brand has its own series of dog shampoos for different needs. There are specialist options for puppies and shedding, as well as more simple oatmeal formulas.

best dog shampoo for odor


This odor control option is a 100% natural formula designed to “clean, freshen and deodorize. The plant-based formula contains fresh eucalyptus and spearmint for a great scent. Dog owners will pooches that have a particularly bad smell may appreciate the add-on product of the matching deodorant. Most users are impressed with the quality of the clean and the way that this lathers up like a “real” shampoo.

4. Pet Oatmeal Anti-Itch Smelly Shampoo – For dog, puppy and cat

The sales pitches for this product focus on the scent as much as any other properties. The formula is natural and hypo-allergenic to ensure that it is safe for lots of different animals. The oatmeal and aloe vera base helps to soothe the skin while the addition of the baking soda cleans the fur.

stinky dog shampoo


There is also the lingering oatmeal cookie scent that many owners love. The simple, all natural approach is great for sensitive dogs and there are some positive reviews about the bath time experience.

5. Pro Pet Works Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner

We wanted to add this product in as a wild card entry at the end because while its specifically for odor control, it does have a lot of fans and benefits. This product is currently the best seller in dog shampoos on Part of the reason for this is that it ticks so many boxes for users.

fragrance dog shampoo


The natural formula contains all the best ingredients for a great clean and shine. There are no nasty chemicals, soap or other dangerous elements. It is also perfectly safe for use on pets with allergies, parasite treatments or skin complaints. The use of aloe vera and almond oil means it won’t smell too bad either.

These 5 products all have their pros and cons, but they highlight some of the important similarities and differences shared by these top dog shampoos. One of the most important elements here is the use of natural ingredients and safe formulas. There are some different approaches with the bottles above, but there are some important factors to consider and ingredients to focus on.

We cannot overlook the importance of natural ingredients rather than chemicals and artificial ones. As we mentioned above, harsh chemicals in standard, human shampoos can have a negative effect on dog skin and coats. We want something that offers a great scent, but artificial options aren’t always the best approach. Instead, it helps to turn to natural products and botanical oils. These ingredients can have important health properties and can create better scents for all concerned.

Important Ingredients to look for:

  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a soothing, calming option that should help to promote the health of the skin and neutralize odors.
  • Oil: A moisturizing agent such as coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E or omega 3
  • Fragrance: Healthy botanical extracts for a natural fragrance, such as chamomile, lavender and/or citrus extracts.

Ingredients to avoid:

  • Chemical soaps that may not be kind enough to the skin of dogs.
  • Those harsh fragrances.
  • Artificial colors or additives that have no place in these products.
  • There are also warnings against tea tree oil shampoo. This may be a shock to some pet parents. Tea tree options are a common natural approach for us, and smell amazing. But, there are some risks of toxicity in products with high concentrations of the oil.

Don’t forget that there are also different types of dog shampoo for different needs.

1. Do you need a good smelling shampoos for dogs with fleas and ticks. It is important to treat these parasites and any related issues before fixating on odour.

2. Do you need a top dog shampoo for dogs with skin allergies? Skin allergies and other sensitivities may have an impact on the ingredients and formulas you can use.

3. Do you need to look for the best shampoo for puppies? Puppies may need a kinder, specialist formula.

Is it possible to control dog odor without using shampoo?

What happens if you have a really smelly dog and frequent bathing just isn’t an option. There are some dog owners that may decide to cover up the smell in some way. However, perfumes and artificial sprays are a bad idea. If there is a medical issue, talk with your vet to find another course of treatment. There is also the chance that a change in the dog’s diet could help to improve the condition.

How often should you bathe your dog?

This will depend on the breed, any medical conditions and any outdoor activities. Some healthy, short haired dogs will only need a bath every few months. Others with longer coats and a penchant for rolling in the dirt will need them more frequently. Be careful not to over-bathe dogs and risk damaging their coat or skin. Using dog hair dryer is great option for faster drying. Many vets agree that dogs shouldn’t need a bath more than every 2 weeks unless they have a serious condition. Always talk to your vet for the best, personalized advice for your animal.

fragrance dog shampoo

How can you make doggy bath time more effective and enjoyable for all concerned?

Some dogs enjoy their bath time a lot more than others. Some will happily jump in the tub and let you make a fuss of them. Others will hate the process and do their best to avoid it. The aim here is to make the process as quick, effective and enjoyable as possible. Dog can enjoy the process with enough praise and treats, or perhaps with a little bath toy. These natural, calming scents in the shampoo can help them to relax too.

It may also help to bathe them in an environment that is more comfortable and familiar. You can set up dog bath tubs in the kitchen, or perhaps even outside. This is nicer than the bright, slippery environment of the bathroom. The right dog baths can help owners too. Bathe them at the right height to avoid back pain. Make sure they have enough room to move, but not too much that they may be at risk. Look out for secure models with ramps, leashes and shelves for products.

What have we learned about the best products for controlling dog odor.

The products we have mentioned here today are all great examples of different types of dog shampoo for smelly dogs. They all share a focus on a natural, simple formula that should be kind to your pet. This means all the right ingredients, botanical extracts and no artificial additives or chemicals. Ultimately, the final choice will come down to you and your dog. You may find that there is a scent that calms them, even if it doesn’t smell that great to you. At the same time, there may be options that would smell great in a human shampoo, but aren’t personally appealing to your pet.

You may find that you have to go through a bit of a trial and error process when finding the right product. If you find one of these best smelling dog shampoos, but the odor remains, or worsens, talk to your vet. Also, watch out for any reactions or other issues with the product. The most important thing here is that your dog is happy and healthy. The last thing you want to do is remove the smell but create a rash or discomfort in some way. The right dog shampoo for dog odor is out there. You can make bath time enjoyable and find some great results.



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