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How To Potty Train A Pit Bull Puppy


Potty Train a Pitbull PuppyHousebreaking is an important part of training for any dog breed. There are some pit bulls that rule the home and get away with anything because of their soft nature and goofy grins. Poor toilet manners and defecation in the home cannot be tolerated. It is easy enough to get these devoted pets to learn where to go, and where not to go. The following tips on how to potty train a pit bull puppy should help you get started.

Create a good feeding schedule

It helps to ensure that your puppy has a regular feeding schedule with meals at set times. This means that you can be there as they eat, wait for them to digest their food and then take them out at the right time.

Create a safe place for the pup to go outside

Your puppy needs to learn that it is right to go outside and wrong to go inside. So, make sure to take them outside when it looks like they need to go. The more often they go outside, the more likely they are to repeat the behaviour. It also helps to keep a specific corner of the yard for this purpose. This helps with repetition and behaviour retention. You may want to keep them on a harness at this point to stop them wandering off. A doggy door also gives pups access to this space when they are a little older.

Deter the puppy from going indoors

It isn’t always enough to create the ideal bathroom area outside. Some pit bull pups will be tempted to relieve themselves in the comfort of their home. Why go out all that way in the cold when there is a warm, secure corner that will do fine? You need to discourage this as much as possible, and there are two ways to do so.

1. Keep the pup out of too many rooms in the house

Pups that are free to roam will explore their territory and may leave nasty surprises as they do so. It is much easier to keep an eye on toilet habits and potty train a pit bull in one room. This way you can see them as they make mistakes and have a better chance of correcting them. It is also much more pleasant and hygienic for the rest of the household.

2. Keep them near their bed

If you create a gated, penned environment for your dog, do so in an area when they will also sleep and eat. They are less likely to want to go to the toilet close to where they sleep. If the only other option is to go outside, they may learn this behaviour faster.

potty pitbull puppy

How to handle mistakes

Mistakes are guaranteed when potty training pit bulls. Sometimes you won’t be there in time to guide them outside. This is more likely when they are very young and have less bladder control. There will also be times when the lesson haven’t quite sunk in yet and the pup goes in the wrong place. Don’t punish the dog for this mistake. Instead, try and correct them in a positive manner if you catch them in time. Always clean and deodorise to remove any temptation to repeat the action.

Remember that pit bulls thrive on love and positive reinforcement

A positive approach is always best with this breed. These dogs get a bad reputation as animals that are bad natured, aggressive and hard to train. This isn’t the case at all. Pit bulls are big softies that love the attention and praise of masters. They want to get things right – and this includes potty training. Work with this trait for the best results.

Finally, remember to stick at it and put the work in

Yes, these are smart dogs that are eager to please. They will be able to figure out what you want from them pretty quickly. However, that doesn’t mean that you can expect this to be over quickly. You certainly can’t leave them to learn without regular supervision and enforcement. Start young and remember that training is just another way to build that strong bond between you. You will work it out together before too long. Here are some important facts about pitbull.

If you employ all of these tricks and tips on how to potty train a pit bull puppy, you should start to see some results in no time. Be consistent, positive and work with that wonderful personality.



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