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Maltese Poodle Owners Guide


Designer mixed breeds are becoming much more popular among dog owners. By mixing two breeds, you can get the good traits of both breeds as well as healthier puppies. Given that many pure breeds can suffer from genetic health defects thanks to years of selective breeding, this a good thing. If you love both Maltese breeds and Poodles, getting a mixed puppy can be a great option. If you’ve ever wondered things like what is a Maltese poodle mix called or how healthy they are, this article is your guide to this lovely dog.  One of our contributors, Tim, has one in his family and was able to share some lovely photos of his dog, Cookie.  

What is a Maltese Poodle Mix Called?

Like many other of these designer crosses, the Maltese Poodle mix has a specific name. They are known as Maltipoos. These dogs are bred from one Maltese parent and either a toy or miniature Poodle.

Maltipoo Characteristics

maltipoo dog
“Cookie” hangs out and observes the family.

Maltipoos are known for being highly affectionate dogs. They tend to be highly sensitive and dislike being alone. While their small size and calmer personality make them a great apartment dog, this isn’t a good dog to get if you live alone or aren’t home often.

These dogs are also highly intelligent and easy to train. This makes them a better choice for novice dog owners. They tend not to bark as much as many other small breeds, making them a good choice for apartments or other situations where neighbors may complain.

They also tend to need only moderate exercise to be happy and healthy. Just keep an eye on them, since small dogs can pack on weight easily and this will harm their health long-term.

One of the more commonly cited Maltipoo characteristics is that they are supposed to be more allergy-friendly. These dogs tend to shed less and have less dander, making them more allergy-friendly for those with very mild dog allergies. However, this can’t be guaranteed and you should be cautious if you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog. Unlike purebred dogs, these crosses can have much more variety in their characteristics and might draw more from one parent than the other even in the same litter.

Maltipoo Personality

Maltipoos are known for being very intelligent, friendly dogs with lots of love to give. They’re very loyal and will be equally happy to play with you, go on a walk, or curl up in your lap.

Like many other small dogs, they can be very active and even mischievous. They also tend to be protective and vigilant of their families, so they’ll let you know if a stranger is around.

Maltipoo personality can vary quite a bit even between littermates since they aren’t a proper breed. Your dog may show some traits more than others.

While many tend not to train small dogs, remember that all dogs need training to be healthy, well-behaved family members. Be sure you socialize your dog with a wide range of people, animals, and situations when your dog is young so they will be a happy, well-balanced adult.

Maltipoo Health

Because the Maltipoo is a cross of two purebred dogs, they can be at risk for health problems common in either parent breed. Things to watch for in your Maltipoo include Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Patellar Luxation, epilepsy, Portosystemic Shunt, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and White Shaker Syndrome.

maltese poodle mix
Cookie steals a sip of water.

You should also keep an eye out for skin problems and allergies, particularly in dogs with white coats. They can also suffer from food allergies and skin sensitivity. Make sure you keep up on regular vet visits to ensure your Maltipoo health problems are caught early.

They do live a decent time at least, you can expect your new friend to live for an average of 10-13 years.

Caring for a Maltese Poodle Mix

Caring for a Maltese Poodle mix is much like caring for any dog, particularly any small dog. They should be fed twice a day with high-quality dog food. You can feed wet, dry, or a mix of both. Cookie had about every dog food in the world until she was fed HungryBark.  After that, there was no going back.  She absolutely loves it.  Also, make sure your dog has access to fresh water at all times.

Regular visits with a vet who knows what health conditions to watch out for are also important. You’ll want to go at least once a year and be sure you keep up on your Maltipoo’s vaccinations.

Remember to keep up on grooming with daily brushing and baths around once or twice a month so long as your dog isn’t dirty. You should also trim their claws about twice a month depending on how quickly your dog’s nails grow.

You should also aim for around 30 minutes of exercise a day. A mix of outdoor play and walks are best for your dog. Keep an eye on how tired or energetic your dog is after exercise so you know if you need to change how much time you spend exercising. Also, be sure to play with your dog to keep them mentally stimulated. Bored dogs are destructive dogs.

Training a Maltipoo

Training a Maltese Poodle mix tends to be easier than many other breeds. They are both smart and calm, making them easy to train. Use lots of positive reinforcement, praise, and high value treats to get training to stick. Keep training fun too, since a bored or upset dog isn’t learning.

Socialization is very important for any dog. However, breeds prone to anxiety like Maltipoos need it early and often. You should expose your puppy to people of all ages and appearances so they aren’t afraid of someone just because of how they look.

Be sure to introduce your dog to lots of animals as well. Since Poodles were bred as retrievers, some Maltipoos can have higher prey drives. Be sure you teach them early what animals are friends.

You’ll also want to change the environment often since you don’t want your dog anxious over a trip to the vet or park. The more situations you get your puppy used to, the calmer they will be as an adult no matter what they are going through.

Maltipoos can be great dogs for many families, just be sure you take good care of your dog and train it well. So long as at least one family member is home with your dog, it should do well. Just be aware that separation anxiety can be a big problem for Maltipoos. If you aren’t leaving your dog alone all day, they are a great choice, even if you have kids or other pets.


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