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The Best Harness For Pitbulls

best harness for pitbullsPitbulls are misunderstood dogs. Many people that don’t know them very well assume that they are the big, scary, aggressive animals we see portrayed in the media. The reality is that many are big softies that just want to play, and the worst behaved animals were just mistreated.

Still, there is no denying their energy and strength. This is a powerful dog that needs the right kit when it is time for a walk. That is why it is important to consider some candidates for the best harness for pitbulls.

In this guide, we want to look at some of the best pitbull harnesses around. This means a closer look at the different products and styles that are available. We want to look at some of the more standard, affordable models, but also those that are a little more niche. After that, we will also provide some tips on choosing the best harness, finding a good fit and training your dog to use them. Before all that, let’s consider why these harnesses are such a good idea for this particular breed.

Best Harness for Pitbulls [2020]: Our Top Picks

  1. BABYLTRL Big Dog No Pull Oxford Soft Vest Harness
  2. Barkbay No Pull Harness
  3. Beirui Genuine Leather Harness
  4. ICEFANG Tactical Working Dog Harness
  5. Benala Leather Spikes Heavy Duty Dog Harness

Why do Pitbulls Need a Harness?

Harnesses can be a great choice for pit bull owners that aren’t keen on using a typical collar and leash. Collars don’t always have the strength that is required when handling one of these powerful dogs – unless you opt for a specialised dog collar for pitbull.

Harnesses are designed to take the strain from the leash in a more comfortable and safe manner. This is particularly important for dogs that pull, as there isn’t so much pressure or force around the dog’s neck.

Some of the Different Types of Pitbull Harnesses

For the most part, these dog harnesses for pitbull share many common features in the design and function. They should have a comfortable vest with enough padding, strong adjustable straps and enough security features to keep them in place.

Many also have places for tags and handles. But, there are some subtle differences in some products depending on the functions. There are some more basic harnesses for walking and then others that are strong for dogs that pull on the lead. There are also options for the car, for puppies, for dogs in training and more. 

Below are some of the best pitbull harnesses by category. We have highlighted some of the best features as well as the pros and cons. The main points are listed here in this above table for a quick comparison.

Top 5 Best Harness for Pitbulls

The category that we want to look at first here is harness for pitbulls to stop pulling. This is a term that you will see a lot in different guides in relation to the best dog harnesses for pitbulls. This breed has a tendency to pull on the lead and often requires a strong, well-designed harness to help train it out of this behaviour. The following two products fall into this category.

1. BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness Oxford Soft Vest – Best no pull harness for Pitbulls

First up here is the Big Dog Harness No Pull Oxford Soft Vest. This option has a lot going for it. There are adjustable straps for a custom fit. This is a no-pull design with the ring at the front but also a back ring for a leash in the normal position.

There are also quick snap, secure buckles so it is easy to put on and take off, but secure while on the dog. The reflective strips are a nice bonus feature, as is the breathable padding and handle for control of the dog.

harness for pitbulls to stop pulling


Things We Liked
  • There are some great comments from users about the fit on their dog. This is impressive when we consider some of the sizing issues mentioned below.
  • There are also some good comfort levels with lots of happy dogs and no signs of chaffing.
  • The vest is also nice and strong.
Things We Didn't Like
  • There are some occasional comments about the neck getting stretched out.
  • It could use slightly stronger rings and straps.

2. Barkbay no pull harness – 2nd option for no pull harness

The next option here is the Barkbay no pull harness. This is a leading brand when it comes to restraints, leashes and other doggy products. This harness comes in different sizes and colours for different breeds. These means plenty of chances to find a good fit.

There is a clip on the front to stop dogs pulling and an additional D ring on the back. The vest is made from tough nylon and has plenty of padding. There is a handle on the top, reflective elements and four points of adjustment for a good fit.

dog harness vest for pitbulls


Things We Liked
  • The first benefit here is the use of materials. There is an anti-rust metal clasp and tough 1200D Oxford fabric. This is encouraging for those unsure about using nylon.
  • There are plenty of options for adjustments to improve the fit and comfort of the harness.
  • There are also plenty of colours in the range so dogs can express some personality.
Things We Didn't Like
  • There are negative comments about the impact on the dog’s pulling traits. Remember that pulling is as much about the training as the harness.
  • There are some sizing issues, so make sure to measure your dog correctly.

If you have a pitbull that is calm, well trained and doesn’t need a specific harness for pulling, you can probably enjoy something a little more typical. There are plenty of other products that are comfortable enough for long walks and perhaps offer a sense of style that we might not see with other options.

3. Beirui Genuine Leather Harness – Best harness for walking

The first option here is this Beirui Genuine Leather Walking Harness. We choose this as an option for this guide because it is leather. This means a strong, rigid material that should hold up to continued use. There are three adjustable straps, two large D rings and a simple adjustment for getting the harness on and off.

leather pitbull harnesses


Things We Liked
  • There are three size options here. The largest fits dogs with chest sizes between 23 and 29 inches. Not only is this great for large chested breeds, it shows that there are plenty of adjustments on the buckle.
  • There are some great comments about the strength of the harness and the idea that no dog is going to be able to escape this design.
  • There are matching collars and leashes in the range for those that want a little more style in their dog’s accessories.
Things We Didn't Like
  • As with many products in this guide, there are some sizing issues and some confusion about the measurements.
  • The colour of the leather straps can make this look a little too much like a tasty chew toy.

4. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness – Good for working dogs

This Icefang harness is something a little different. This model is sold as a working dog vest and also has the tag of a tactical dog harness. This means that this is seen as strong, dependable option for any with powerful working dogs.

Owners that choose the right size vest could find that this also works for pit bulls. The stitching and load bearing points are designed to withstand plenty of force.

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness for pit bulls


Things We Liked
  • There are lots of size options by girth. The smallest is an extra small at 18 to 23 inches. This could be helpful for younger dogs. The largest is an extra large at 32 to 39 inches.
  • This padded harness is a “non-rub” options that is also meant to be escape proof. This and the padding mean high comfort levels.
  • Panels where you can attach training patches or other forms of identification or personalisation.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is important to be aware that there are two different vests with either metal or plastic buckles. The plastic one won’t be as strong.
  • There is a lot to this harness, and some say it isn’t the easiest option to put on or take off. This may add to the anxiety of some rescue dogs.

5. Benala Leather Spikes – Best heavy duty dog harness for Pitbulls

For this heavy duty pitbull collar we go to Benala and their Leather Spikes Heavy Duty Harness set. The spikes might be a little bit too much for some people. But, there are plenty of pitbull owners that appreciate this style.

It comes in three sizes – medium, large and extra large – and is made from a tough leather. Like all the best harnesses here, it is adjustable with strong buckles in different adjustment points.

heavy duty dog harness for pitbull


Things We Liked
  • The first benefit here is that this is a set of items. There is a compatible collar and leash from the same strong material. This means the same high quality throughout and no concerns about walkies.
  • There is an impressive range of colours on this leather harness from the bold blacks, camo and metallic prints to bright red and baby pink.
  • No complaints about the fit or comfort levels for the dog.
Things We Didn't Like
  • There is a sense of style of substance with some of the finishes and lack of padding.
  • Some suggest it might not be tough enough for the strongest pullers.

If you do have a dog that likes to play rough and has plenty of strength, it might be a good idea to invest in a heavy duty harness. These products should offer the strength and durability that you need for long term use. The materials and shape are the stars of the show, but they should also retain many of the best features of other top pitbull harnesses.

Finding the best Dog Harness Vest for Pitbulls for a Car.

Then there are dog harnesses that are designed for use in the car. This is great for animals that need to make long journeys, but aren’t necessarily the most well-behaved.

With this category, we have to go back to BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness for an interesting comparison. They have a model that compliments that great no-pull harness above in a number of ways. It comes in the same great sizes and uses a similar approach to the designs and materials. There are also clips on the front and back and the same reflective strips. Yet, there are adaptations that mean this one is a little better suited to the car.

dog harness vest for pitbulls


Things We Liked
  • The first benefit here is clearly the addition of the car strap and car seat belt lead for ease of use. There should be no concerns about the animal’s safety.
  • The product uses light, breathable materials so the animal doesn’t get too hot in the vehicle.
  • This is also a good looking product with the same sense of style and detailing.
Things We Didn't Like
  • This option does not have the same handle on the top, this is important to note when training the dog.
  • There are also only two adjustment points here, which may mean that the fit isn’t as great.

Finding the Best Puppy Pitbull Harness

You may also want to think about a harness that is designed for puppies. There are lots of harnesses that are big and tough for adult dogs, but what about young pitbulls that need some leash training. There are some great puppy harnesses that bring in some of the features above in a fun, smaller product. Make sure not to pay too much because this isn’t meant to last that long.

The YUDOTE Soft Mesh Puppy Harness is a cute little padded harness with a nice design. This should be comfortable enough with all the padding and the trim. There is also an adjustable fit around the neck and chest with some quick release buckles. There isn’t much here that make this special or interesting in terms of the features. But, this sense of familiarity is appealing in its own way.

pitbull puppy harness


Things We Liked
  • There are lots of great designs in this range with various patterns and colours available. This means that you can have a fun harness, not just a practical one
  • There is a breathable material that means that puppies should be comfortable and not overheat if wearing this long-term.
  • This is also a non-choke, non-pulling design which will add to the safety and peace of mind.
Things We Didn't Like
  • This may not be quite as strong as some of the products for older dogs.
  • There are the inevitable reports of puppies growing into this vest and then growing out of it pretty quickly.

Finding the Best Training Harness

Of course, training doesn’t always come along when a dog is a puppy. There are lots of rescue pitbulls that need to learn new skills and behaviours while out in public. Training harnesses can help here. These products have patches on the side, a lot like those used for guide god and emotional support dogs. This patches alert other dog owners that your animal may not appreciate their attention, and needs to concentrate.

The Doggie Stylz Service Dog Harness is a great option for those that find themselves in this situation. This is a big, bold harness that comes in a range of sizes for different dogs. Therefore, there should be an option here for pitbulls. The stand out feature here is the use of bold letting and reflective strips. The harness also comes with an easy snap buckle, D ring and handle on the top. There is an adjustable fit so it should suit many dogs.

pit bull harness doggie style


Things We Liked
  • The biggest pro here has to be the removable velcro patch on each side of the harness. This is clear to read because of that lettering and contrast. Ideally, this will keep other people from bothering the dog, but there is no guarantee.
  • Other users say that this seems to be comfortable enough for the dog because of the adjustments 3) There are also positive comments about the ease of use.
Things We Didn't Like
  • There have been some sizing chart issues, with some questioning the measurements on the sale page.
  • There is also a lack of instructions for new users that have never used a harness before.

Things to look for when choosing the best pitbull harness

So let’s take a look at some of those important considerations when choosing the ideal dog harnesses for a pitbull.

  • The first is the strength and durability of the product. Heavy-duty models should be a safe bet here. Look at the quality of the material, but also the stitching.
  • Leather pitbull harnesses can be tougher. Strength and security also come from secure buckles, a good ID ring for the leash and the handle on the top. At the same time, the dog needs to be comfortable, so look at the padding inside the harness, any lining and any risk of chaffing from rough edges.
  • Style isn’t quite as important here, but there is no reason why you can’t find a harness in a nice colour or pattern to suit your pet’s personality.
  • Then there is the fit. It always helps to find a harness that it easy to adjust for the best fit possible. At the same time, be sure to find the best size for your pet. On that note, let’s talk about the fit of these harnesses.

Fitting a Harness For a Pitbull

As you will see with some of the products that we have mentioned in this guide, there are some issues with fit. Some dog owners don’t get the right size because they don’t take the time to follow the charts or measure their dog. It is important to understand the chest measurement of your animal and to work with that figure for a snug, secure fit.

Where possible, get a product with plenty of adjustment points and size options. There should, ideally, be an overlap in the sizes to help owners find the best fit. The best harnesses also have 4 adjustment points for optimal comfort.

Training Dogs to Wear a Harness

Lastly, don’t forget that it may take some time for your dogs to get used to wearing these harnesses. They may not like the sensation of wearing one at first, and may be weary of this new item. That is why it is important to train them and take baby steps with the process.

Start off by giving them the product to sniff and play around with. Let them understand that it will do them no harm. Then work up to putting the harness on and taking it off again. Increase the amount of time that the dog wears the harness so that it becomes comfortable. If they will run around the yard and play in it, you are onto a winner.

From there, you can start your leash training while they are wearing the collar. Remember that this could be a learning curve for you too with the front rings and no-pull systems.

What we have learned about finding the best harness for a pitbull

There are lots of different harnesses out there that are designed to offer the strength and security that pitbull owners need. Some focus on this a little more than others, such as the heavy duty brands. The materials and quality here should be fine with more tenacious dogs. Then there are the no-pull options with their strong straps, great padding and clever designs. This is a good training aid for pitbulls that pull. Alternatively, you may want to look at a more specialist option with the training patches or a puppy model. There are lots of well-designed, comfortable options out there that can prove to be strong and reliable.

The most important thing here is to make sure that your dog is comfortable and that you have the confidence to take them out. The best harness for pitbulls is meant to provide security and peace of mind for walks out in public. The right product will stop them from pulling and keep them comfortable while you enjoy some quality time together. Don’t think of these harnesses purely as restraints or training tools. Think of them as aids that will improve your daily walk and relationship with your dog.


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