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Best Harness For Dachshunds


Best harness for dachshundThe dachshund is one of the most popular breeds around right now. We love them for their personality, temperament and their appearance.

But, there are aspects of their physique and behaviour that can be a problem when it is time to take them out for a walk.

Firstly, some dachshunds have a tendency to pull or dig around when they go outside. The prey drive in these little hounds can kick in. Secondly, the elongated back and weakened spine mean that they can need a little more support. A basic collar and lead isn’t always the best approach. That is where a top dachshund dog harness can help.

A well-made, cleverly-designed harness can provide dachshunds with all the support they need whenever they go out for a walk. They offer comfort and support across the chest and upper spine. This allows the garment to reduce pressure and also the risk of injury to the dog. There are different styles of dog harnesses for dachshund.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the different types that are out there and the important features to look for. From there, we will also compare a series of dachshund harness products from across those categories. In the end, you should have a better idea of which product is right for your dog.

Below we have a series of contenders for the best dog harness for dachshunds in different categories. We have reviewed the pros and cons of each based on their features and designs. Here is a short comparison to help you compare them.

Different Types of Harness for Dachshunds

Non-pull harnesses:

The first type of harness for dachshund dogs is a non-pull harness. As we mentioned before, there are some dachshunds that will pull on a lead when given the chance. The last thing you want to do is pull them back on a basic collar and risk injury. A well-designed non-pull harness relocates the clips so that dogs can’t engage in this behaviour. They are more likely to improve their behaviour and you may help to prevent back issues.

Active harnesses:

Next up, you will also come across plenty of brands that offer “active harnesses”. Many of these models, such as those below, are also non-pull harnesses. The basic aim here is to create a comfortable harness that can handle longer walks. These are products for active families that want their pets to have the best exercise regime and outdoor experience possible. They will have a range of features for security and function. Just be careful with the fit for your little dachshund.

A soft dachshund harness vest:

Then there are other vest harnesses that aren’t quite so rugged and feature-rich. Not all dachshunds are going to be running around the countryside on long hikes. Many are companion dogs with a more leisurely lifestyle. That is why some owners prefer vest harnesses for dachshunds that are softer, more fashionable and less of a hassle. These vests provide support in all the right places with the large chest panel and adjustable fit. There may be more of a focus on designs than extra features.

Back support harness:

Finally, it might be worth considering a back support harnesses for a dachshund if your dog is older or has back issues. Many dachshund harnesses offer great support around the upper spine and chest, but nothing on the lower spine. Some brands provide back harnesses that you can connect to a pre-existing dachshund chest harness for greater support.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Harness for Dachshunds

  • The Fit: The most important starting point when choosing a harness for a dachshund is the fit. Many brands offer harnesses for small dogs. You need to read the dimensions and possible adjustments in the specification to make sure that it is suitable for your dog. Also, remember that suitability for dachshunds can depend on the breed of the dachshund. A standard Dachshund is roughly 8-9 inches tall and 32 pounds in weight. Meanwhile, the miniature dachshund is shorter at 5-6 inches tall and around a third of the weight. This can make a difference on the size of the harness and the fit. Check the adaptable circumference on the adjustable straps for a miniature dachshund harness.
  • Comfort: Then there is the general sense of comfort from the vest and materials of the harness. These products come in different materials. Some can be a little heavy and hot for a little dachshund. Active wear harnesses are more comfortable if they have breathable materials. Also, look at the edges of the harness and anywhere that the product may rub against the dog’s skin. Soft vest harnesses can be more comfortable with the right materials and padding
  • Security: A good fit also helps when it comes to the security of the harness. You want to be sure that your dog isn’t going to slip out with their slim build. It can help to look for the dachshund harness with handles for added security. Also, you can’t run the risk of straps breaking if the dog tries to pull. The clasps, stitching and all of the rings need to be strong and secure. Watch out for harnesses that come with bonus leashes and other products as they might not be strong enough. Read plenty of consumer reviews for realistic reports on the reliability of the product.
  • Extra Features: Finally, consider some of the extra features that may prove to be helpful with these harnesses. Some may come with additional leashes and collars – but double check reviews on the quality. Some have reflective strips to help with visibility on nighttime walks. The look of the harness is another important detail for some owners. Bright colours and patterns can add some character to the harnesses. Take a look at the range of colours, but also look at user comments to see if the product matches the photographs.

The 7 Best Dachshund Dog Harnesses

1. Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

Non-pull harnesses are a great idea for dachshunds and other breeds that need a firmer hand. This product has two different attachment points – one on the back and one on the chest. This gives you greater choice as an owner. The front point means great control for pulling dogs and the whole design is great for distributing pressure. This should mean happier, healthier animals in the long run.

Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness for dachshund


Things We Liked
  • The position of the different rings
  • The safety features
  • The bright colours
Things We Didn't Like
  • Some durability issues
  • Price discrepancies

There are some additional features here that will be of interesting, such as the reflective straps, the adjustable straps on the chest and the option of bright coloured materials. It shouldn’t be too hard to get a good fit and enough security here. There are some that question the quality of the material, and therefore the longevity of the product. However, most are pleased with the quality and believe that their dogs are comfortable. Why is the small version marginally more expensive than the bigger one?

2. TrueLove Adjustable Dog Harness

Again, there are two different attachment points on this product to improve control over the animal – one on the front and one on the back. In addition to this, there is a handle on the back for improved control over the dog. This could be even more useful with pulling, digging dachshunds. There are some great reviews for owners of pulling dogs that say that their animal is now under control and that the product was easy to use. Naturally, training results will vary depending on experience and the personality of the dog.

Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harness for dachshund


Things We Liked
  • Great control with the rings and handle
  • Lots of colour choices
  • Strong buckles and stitching
Things We Didn't Like
  • Potentially a bit much for a casual walk
  • Some issues with the fit

Dog owners will also like the range of colour choices. There are all kinds of bright colours to suit different tastes and personalities. The harness is made to be strong enough to last, with double stitching and load capacity buckles, but also comfortable with all the padding. There are some issues with the fit. The company do warn all buyers to measure their animals carefully. As we mentioned before, this is especially important with dachshunds.

3. Ruffwear Active No Pull Dog Harness

This is the first active harness for dachshunds of the guide. It comes in a range of sizes including XS and XXS, so there shouldn’t be too much trouble getting a good fit for either a standard or miniature dachshund. The reason that this one is considered to be active wear is that there is a more lightweight and durable design.

 Dog Harness for dachshunds


Things We Liked
  • Options for very small dogs
  • Lightweight materials for outdoor use
  • Fun extra details in the design
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not great as a non-pull option
  • Some sizing issues

Despite all of the durable, lightweight elements to the design, there are also comfort features with the padded strips. Owners will also appreciate the attention to detail with the reflective strips, the four adjustment points for a better fit and the little pocket for dog tags. This seems to cover all the right bases – from the fit to the colour. Complaints do come from those that struggle to stop their dogs pulling, despite the extra ring on the front. There have also been some sizing issues – as is to be expected – from those that didn’t follow the chart.

4. Embark Adventure Dog Harness

This adventure harness will stand out to consumers browsing options because it is an Amazon Choice model. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t negative comments. There are just plenty of positive reviews and lots of features that users are after. The selling point here is the durability for those active dogs that want to go on adventures. Double stitching isn’t enough here. This is quadruple sewn with military grade materials. There are also strong rings on the front and back and a good distribution of pressure across the product.

Dachshund dog harness


Things We Liked
  • The military grade materials and stitching
  • The position of the rings
  • The adjustable fit
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not ideal for miniature dachshunds
  • One of the more expensive options

This harness is a little more expensive than some of the others and doesn’t come in the smaller sizes for miniature dachshunds. This could be a deal breaker straight away for some consumers. However, there are still plenty of helpful features in the non-pull design, adjustable fit and padding. There is a sense that this brand wants to appeal to all dog owners at once here. There are lots of great features for active wear, but it isn’t too over-the-top either.

5. EXPAWLORER Soft Mesh Polka Dots Dog Harness

So far, all of the harnesses we have talked about have been rugged, functional models for dogs on the go. These might be too much for some companion dogs that would benefit from something lighter and more fashionable. This vest harness for dachshunds is one such product. It comes in black or pink – which give an idea of the target market. It is made from a light, soft cotton with a quick release buckle underneath.

Best harness for dachshunds


Things We Liked
  • The look of the pink material
  • The free matching leash
  • The light weight
Things We Didn't Like
  • Issues with the fit in the neck
  • Some escaping dogs

Starting with the problems with this model, there are too many users that say that it isn’t adjustable enough around the neck. Some dogs have slipped free. Others say that the size chart doesn’t really allow for many different dogs. There is a small and extra small size available. But, there are still issues with the fit. Otherwise, buyers love the look and feel of the vest. There is also the benefit that there is an additional, matching leash that doesn’t add too much to the overall price tag.

6. KOOLTAIL Puppy Harness Leash Small Dog

Soft harnesses can become great mini dachshund harnesses if they have the right fit and are comfortable enough. This product focuses on providing a great harness for smaller dogs. There is a small and an extra small that may be ideal for those little dogs. The fit and build seem more substantial on this vest, with a strong chest panel, good edges and a breathable mesh on the inside. But, there is still a fashion element with the pretty polka dot pattern and the matching leash.

Dachshund harness


Things We Liked
  • The pattern
  • The strength in the build
  • The extra features
Things We Didn't Like
  • The fit
  • The rings and clips

Additional benefits here include the reflective strips on the side. This is something that some fashion brands won’t consider. As always, some owners have struggled with the fit, but there is a clear size chart available. Others wish that this was a non-pull option. Instead, there is one ring. There are also comments about fur getting trapped in the clip because of its placement, which could be an issue for long-haired dachshunds.

7. GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harnesses

This is a rehabilitation system that is said to be veterinarian tested and approved. It is also designed to be “deal for Dachshunds with IVDD or other back injuries”. Therefore, there is no doubt that this is the best harness for dachshund with back problems.

Dog Support Harness for dachshunds


Things We Liked
  • The support from the sling
  • The different size and gender options
  • The comfort
Things We Didn't Like
  • Practicality
  • Needs a second harness for the chest

The downsides to a product like this are pretty simple. There is the fact that you need to purchase another chest harness of some kind in order for this to work. One clip of the support sling attaches to the back harness and the other to a chest harness with the handle in the middle. It also takes a little practice to get the pressure right and offer the support. This really is for special cases and isn’t all that practical. However, as rehabilitation harnesses go, this one is comfortable, well made and comes in a range of different sizes. There is an extra small as well as small models that are tailored for either male or female dogs. This is important as it allows the animal to relieve itself without taking the harness off.

Some Training Tips for These Harnesses for Dachshunds

Whichever form of dog harness you get for your dachshund, it is important to take some time to train your dog. These harnesses will be foreign at first. Give your dog time to sniff them out and get used to them before going on a walk. Practice putting it on and taking it off at home – with plenty of praise and treats when your pup stays still. If you have a non-pull harness, take some time to learn how to use it effectively. Dogs will soon learn the lesson because of the design of the harness. But, it is still a learning process and positive reinforcement goes a long way.

Finding the Best Dog Harness for Dachshunds

There are some clear pros and cons to all of these products. There is a running theme of questionable fits and size issues no matter what style of harness for dachshunds you get. It is important to understand your dog’s measurements and the size charts of the brand. The non-pull harness can be a great tool for dachshunds and these models – including the active vests – do have the pressure distribution and strength to help. There are also some great additional features for security and comfort. The soft vest harnesses for dachshunds aren’t always as strong and functional, but they can be very comfortable and look great.

Choose the Best Dachshund Harness for Your Dog – not for you.

In the end, it is important to find a product that matches all your needs in regards to the function, fit, comfort and ease of use. These active vests and non-pull options will suit many users that value durability and functionality over looks. You may pay more for them, but you often get a better product for your money. If these additional safety features aren’t as appealing as a soft vest with a matching leash, find an attractive soft vest with a good fit. Finally, don’t forget that it is your dachshund that ultimately has the final say. If they are uncomfortable, unhappy or able to break free, look for something else.



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