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The Best Dog Food For Huskies [Updated 2020]

best dog food for huskiesThere are many reasons to love huskies as a breed. Some of us are drawn to these dogs for their looks. Their bright eyes, erect ears and fluffy double coats are undoubtedly gorgeous. Then there are those that like to keep huskies as working dogs because of their pack mentality and athletic build.

Whatever the reason for choosing a husky, you need to be sure that they get the very best food for Siberian huskies. Without this diet, they won’t be able to maintain that fitness and those good looks.

In this guide to finding the best dog food for Siberian huskies we will consider the following. Just how unusual is a husky’s diet or eating patterns? Does their genetic leaning towards the wolf have any major implications on the food we give them? With this in mind, what are the best dog food products for a husky?

Our Top Pick

Hungry Bark Dog Food

Hungry Bark recipes have a high protein content and mid range fat content which is what you want to look for when choosing a high-quality kibble for your husky. These dogs have a long history of being used as work or sledding dogs, so it’s important to remember that their bodies have developed to withstand harsh conditions and high exertion. Avoiding cheap grains like corn, wheat and soy will also ensure that they are getting the maximum amount of complex carbohydrates from their meal.


Best Food For Huskies : Our Top List

In this table, you will see some of the best foods for husky dogs that you can buy. These products are all great sources of the ingredients and nutrients that we have listed below. There are many similarities in approach, but also some clear unique selling points.

1. Crave Dry Dog Food
  • Ingredients: Lamb & Vension, Sunflower Oil, Chickpeas, Potatoes & more
2. Blue Buffalo Freedom
  • Ingredients: De-boned chicken, Fish, Tapioca, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
3. Taste of the Wild Grain Free
  • Ingredients: Roasted bison & venison, Fruits and vegetables, Fatty acid
4. Nutro Premium LOAF
  • Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Potatoes, Carrots
5. Instinct Raw Boost Dry Dog Food
  • Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Peas, Tapioca, Vegetables

What Kind of Food Do Huskies Eat?

When we consider the top Siberian husky food recommendations, we need to think about the genetic history of this dog. Huskies are closely related to wolves, which means that they can handle a varied omnivorous diet. This is great when considering your own Siberian husky diet. An omnivorous diet mean that they can handle pretty much anything – although many husky owners still steer clear of grains and too many carbs. In the wild, they would eat meat – either scavenged or killed – as well as any other nutritious plants, eggs or other food sources.

How Much Food Do Huskies Eat?

The question of how much should I feed my husky is one that comes up quite a lot. Huskies are athletic, lean dogs, which means that they need just the right amount of food with careful portions and calorie counting. Recommendations from the National Research Council of the National Academies talk of an average caloric intake of around 1358 calories for a typical dog. This generally means an active 50lb Siberian Husky. Still, you have to consider the fact that your dog may not be “typical”.

Some pets are naturally bigger or smaller. Female dogs, in particular, may need fewer calories. Then there are those with metabolism issues, weight loss needs and other problems. It is always best to consult a vet to get the best advice.

Even so, we need to consider that husky feeding habits are a little abnormal compared to other pet dogs.

This fussiness can have a big influence on how much to feed a husky and when. First of all, many huskies have what we call a “preservation instinct” that comes from their wolf ancestors. This makes them a bit suspicious of food – to the point where they won’t touch anything that previously made them sick.

You will also find that some huskies won’t eat until they have exercised. This means it can help to go for a good walk then wait until they are home and rested to give them their meal. Other huskies have been known to skip meals now and then.

They are the opposite to breeds like Labradors, who will eat whatever is placed in front of them. These dogs only eat when they are hungry. This is why some owners recommend high calorie dog foods for their huskies.

Important Ingredients To Consider.

There are lots of great ingredients we can use in the best diet for huskies, many of which come from that natural diet mentioned above. Some owners will like to create their own Siberian husky food recipes, while other will use top rated store bought dog food for huskies. Whichever direction you take, it is important that you consider the following ingredients.

  • Protein: This is essential when finding top husky dog food products. Protein needs to make up a considerable amount of the diet. Many of the best products have a percentage between 30-35% protein. This can come from all kinds of meat produce, such as chicken, lamb, duck and more wild options. Remember that meat protein is easier for dogs to digest, so look at meat-based flavours instead of anything plant-based.
  • Vegetables: Additional vegetable elements are a great natural source of vitamins and minerals. Brands that use peas and lentils will also increase the protein content a little at the same time.
  • Healthy fat sources: A little healthy fat can be beneficial, so check ingredient lists for chicken fat and flaxseed.
  • Omega 3 and 6: These oils are the ideal way to keep a dog’s coat and skin healthy, which is a must with these fluffy outdoor breeds.
  • The right vitamins and minerals: This can depend on the age and health of your pet. For example, puppies need a good supply of calcium and phosphorous at a 2:1 ratio.

Things To Avoid and Important Health Considerations

There are also things to avoid when creating the ultimate best diet for Siberian husky dogs. For example, a low carb diet is best to avoid any potential blood sugar issues. As we mentioned above, there are many husky owners that prefer not to include grains in their pet’s diet. Others like to turn to options that are lactose and/or gluten-free. This is simply because it is not that uncommon for this Siberian breed to experience these sorts of intolerances. If your dog is in this camp, try and avoid any options with milk, milk powder, whey, or wheat. Other huskies are known to have issues with artificial additives and fillers.

Don’t forget that dietary needs can also change if your pet husky has a health condition. For example, those with specific deficiencies may need a specialised formula to compensate. Older dogs with joint issues may need something better suited for this condition, or a special senior husky diet. If you have any doubt about the dietary needs of your pet, speak to a veterinarian.

Finding The Best Dog Food For Huskies.

With all of this in mind, it is essential that you find a product that meets these needs. These issues with additives, fillers and grains mean that it is best to opt for a more natural option with healthier ingredients. High-protein solutions are also highly popular with husky owners. Here are 5 top dog foods for Siberian huskies to consider.

1. Crave Grain-Free High-protein Dry Dog Food

First we have a highly recommended Siberian husky dog food from Crave. Crave, like many of the brands mentioned here, comes in a series of flavours. There is beef, chicken, salmon and ocean fish or lamb and venison. All four flavours are high in protein and don’t contain grains.

best diet for huskies

There is a deliberate attempt to ensure that there are no nasty by-products or artificial ingredients. This goes a long way to explaining the high customer satisfaction rating for the product. Owners say that their dogs are healthier, have good energy levels, shinier coats and – just as importantly – that they seem to love the taste.


2. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This big bag of dry dog food is a great choice for anyone that wants to go for a high-protein approach for their huskies. The grain free formula is full of great ingredients including de-boned chicken, fish meal, tapioca, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and other helpful vitamins and minerals.

siberian husky dog food

There is also the added bonus here that there are great reports from dog owners whose pets have sensitive stomachs. This option seems to go down well with lots of canines, which means that fussier huskies may appreciate it too. Therefore, it is easy to see why many view this as the best dry food for huskies.


3. Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild is a popular choice for dog owners that want some real, interesting ingredients in their pet’s diet. This is definitely the case with this high protein option, as the 32% protein content comes from bison and venison.

best food for huskies

This balance of protein, fat and carbs should suit the digestive systems of many huskies. The great thing about this Siberian husky dog food is that there are plenty of flavours in the range. So, if your husky suddenly decide it doesn’t want bison any more, there are other tasty alternatives.


4. NUTRO Premium LOAF Adult Wet Dog Food

Some dog owners prefer to add some wet food to their dog’s diet to aid with hydration. Cans like this are a great topper to add to the dry kibble, or simply as a change of pace.

Dog food for husky

These “Premium LOAF” tins are immediately appealing to dog owners tempted to create their own meals at home, but perhaps don’t have the time or opportunity. This recipe uses real chicken, rice and vegetables for a balanced, nutritious meal. The majority of buyers, and their pets, seem to be pleased with the taste and results.


5. Instinct Raw Boost Natural Dry Dog Food

This raw-based food combines dry kibble and freeze-dried raw elements. Raw diets can be a little controversial. There are many dog owners and vets that don’t agree with this approach, saying that normal dog food should be fine enough. However, raw diets are an interesting alternative when trying to provide the best food for such a primal dog as the husky.

best husky dog food

This product is a nice compromise in the middle. It has some additional raw elements for a healthy boost, but also uses high protein kibble. There are also probiotics, omega fatty acids and other great ingredients, as well as a deliberate lack of grains, soy and artificial products.


Finding The Best Puppy Food For Huskies.

When looking for the best dog food for pet huskies, we also need to consider the needs of puppies. Husky puppies soon grow up to become lean, energetic animals, and they need the best start to do so. This means a great puppy food. The following two products fit that bill for many owners.

1. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain Free Protein Puppy Food.

In many ways, this puppy kibble from Taste of the Wild is a lot like its alternative product for adult dogs. It has the same great flavour and focuses on the very best ingredients. This will offer peace of mind to puppy owners that want nothing but the best for their little companion.

best food for husky puppy

The flavours and benefits may be pretty much the same, but there are small differences to make it puppy friendly. This includes the smaller size of the kibble and the ratios on the formula. There is also a good amount of DHA for healthy growth.


2. Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Chicken Large Breed Puppy Food.

Once again, we go back to a brand that served dog owners well when talking about adult huskies. Here with have another of Nature Valley’s products with a little raw boost for added health benefits. This is another high protein, grain free option with lots of additional bonus ingredients.

best diet for siberian husky

There is a focus here on the amount of DHA, but also calcium and phosphorous for the growing bones of puppies. There is also a healthy amount of omega acids and probiotics. Again, the pieces are small enough to eat with ease. This could be a great way to get husky puppies off to a great start before moving into adult raw diets.


What how we learned about feeding the best husky dog food to our pets?

There is a lot to consider when we look for the best dog food for Siberian Huskies. There are some clear similarities within the products mentioned here – most notably the amount of protein and helpful additional ingredients. These high-protein foods will provide a good calorie content in just the right portion for these lean dogs. Additional elements like the omega oils and vitamins only add to the health benefits. Meanwhile, the lack of grains and additives should help to prevent against illnesses.

Take your time to understand precisely what your dog needs to create the best husky diet possible. This means a better idea of calorie needs, nutrient deficiencies and other health implications. Also consider their eating habits and genetic traits, especially if you like the idea of raw food diets. It may take some time to find the best match for these picky eaters. But, these tog husky dog food products should prove to be a great starting point.


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