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Best Dog Food for Bulldogs


BulldogA goofy and fun breed, Bulldogs are easy to identify with their solid build and wrinkled skin. Originally bred to help butchers by holding bulls their noses and later for dog fighting, Bulldogs have become the wonderful companion dog we love today. This medium-sized breed doesn’t have a standard as far as its height, but they typically weigh between 40 and 50 pounds when fully grown.

Bulldogs are usually a happy breed that often suffers from health issues. That’s why it’s important for this breed to have a high-quality diet to ensure a nice long lifespan. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best dog food for your Bulldog.

Best Dog Food for Bulldogs

Hungry Bark Dog Food – Editor’s Choice

HungryBark FoodIf you are interested in buying food that is customized for your Bulldog’s nutritional needs, Hungry Bark Dog Food is the perfect solution. Whether your dog has a lot of energy, has allergies, or joint issues, Hungry Bark Dog Food allows you to choose the diet that suits their dog with their free customized nutrition plans. All you have to do is enter your dog’s breed, weight, age, allergies, preferences, and health concerns and you will receive an easy to follow guide that not only includes their meal, but also a supplement and a protein mix-in.

Hungry Bark Dog Food is designed to specifically fit your Bulldog, so you won’t ever feel bad about what you feed your dog again. The creator worked with veterinarians to design high-quality mix-ins, kibble, and supplements that are made with nutritious ingredients and real animal protein. Each recipe is vet-approved and will contain real animal protein like chicken, lamb, turkey, and duck as well as superfood ingredients that help your dog live his best life.

In comparison to other companies that send dog food frozen or refrigerated in order for it to stay fresh, Hungry Bark Dog Food understands that these shipping methods are always practical. After filling out the initial quiz, you will receive recommendations for your dog that are based on any issues that you may have identified. Plus, they also offer protein mix-ins that are made with single ingredient proteins that add flavor to your dog’s diet within an all-natural formula. Supplements are also produced by Hungry Bark Dog Food that helps to give your dog added support for his digestion, anxiety, hip, and joint health.

Cheaper formulas on the market often cause a Bulldog to have long term health problems, so it may not be the best choice for your dog over a long period of time, even if it saves you money. With high-quality ingredients, Hungry Bark Dog Food offers full nutrition plans that include a mix in and supplement for less than two dollars a day. It also gives you flexibility, so you can easily rotate between recipes for kibble and adjust your subscription quantity and frequency as needed.

By offering kibble, you don’t have to deal with the preparation and storage of a raw diet. Hungry Bark Dog Food is a nutritious and wholesome meal that uses real protein for its first two ingredients and is easy to store and travel with. You also never have to worry about your local store not having it in stock since your order will be fulfilled directly by Hungry Bark.

Featuring 66 billion probiotic microorganisms, Hungry Bark Dog Food makes it easy to transition your pet to a new food without upsetting his stomach. This protein-rich dog food is loaded with superfoods and is customized to fit your dog’s specific needs making it a great choice for any dog no matter their breed, age, or size.

  • This food can be customized to your dog
  • It is protein-rich and full of superfoods
  • This is an easy food to transition your dog to without upsetting his stomach
  • It’s a little more expensive than other brands on the market
  • It does not have a beef kibble option

Pet Plate Dog Food

Pet Plate Dog FoodOffering human-grade ingredients, Pet Plate Dog Food does not include artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors and doesn’t use gluten or corn. You will recognize all the ingredients and the cooking process preserves all the nutrients. This is a high-quality, balanced, and nutritious dog food.

When they pre-portion your dog’s meals, Pet Plate Dog Food takes in to account his age, weight, and activity level. You are also able to combine various recipes into your subscription order making it easier if your pet has health issues or is a picky eater. In comparison to her dog food delivery companies, the Pet Plate Dog Food packaging is easy to open and store, plus it's recyclable.

Providing fresh meals that are made with high-quality ingredients, Pet Plate Dog Food comes in convenient packaging and is delivered right to your door. This human-grade pet food currently offers four recipe choices that are all made using natural ingredients.

  • It will reduce the itchiness of your dog’s skin
  • This is a good choice if your dog is suffering from dermatitis
  • It helps to create a shiny skin and coat on your bulldog
  • It uses legumes like quinoa that may not sit with some Bulldogs

TruDog Rawgo Dehydrated Raw Superfood

TruDog RawgoDedicated to fighting aging in dogs, TruDog Rawgo Dehydrated Raw Superfood is one of the first to do so. Designed to prolong both your dog’s life as well as high well-being and overall health. This recipe uses organs and beef that provides a densely nutritious meal to your dog so that he has energy all day long.

Using no artificial flavors or fillers, the TruDog Rawgo Dehydrated Raw Superfood that is also grain-free and does not use vegetables or fruits. This is a meat-only recipe that also uses herring oil, which is a natural source of omega fatty acids that help to ease skin problems and create a healthy coat. They can also help to stop injuries and help your dog maintain energy without having to add excess calories.

This easy to store food does not need to be refrigerated until after you add water to it. TruDog Rawgo Dehydrated Raw Superfood is almost human grade and is made with sustainable sources. This is a great choice for any dog that has allergy issues and is a good bridge between the health benefits of raw food and the handiness of kibble. The raw parts of the meal are dehydrated or freeze-dried, so the nutritional value is preserved as well as more convenient to serve and store.

TruDog Rawgo is not specified for any particular aged dog or breed and is free of artificial color and flavors as well as any by-products that have not been labeled or aren’t fit for humans to eat. Every ingredient is created to provide a nutritional value that gives your dog a long life. Offering incredible nutritional value, this dog food air dries the vegetables, fruits, and meats to keep the nutrients all intact. With its freshness and meaty scent, this dog food will attract the attention of any picky bulldog. This is a budget-friendly product that is a good choice for bulldogs.

  • It features antioxidants for cleaner gums
  • This is good food for obese dogs
  • It strengthens your dog’s immune system
  • Dogs prefer this food wet instead of dry

Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Adult Dog Food

Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Adult Dog FoodThe all-natural dog food is grain-free and uses clean ingredients that help your dog maintain robust energy levels, a healthy weight, and a balanced diet. Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Adult Dog Food does not include chicken and egg proteins, artificial flavors, colors, or additives, or soy, wheat gluten, corn, or any grains that can trigger allergies. For small or large dogs, this is a protein-rich dog food that features low carbs and BC30 probiotics to ensure your dog has a long and active life.

The Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Adult Dog food will help your dog achieve lean muscles and a healthy coat thanks to its Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Fueling the active dog inside your pet, this dog food helps your dog thrive, so he will want to play, jump, and run. Helping to encourage a healthy body weight, this dog food is not made with tapioca, white potatoes, or other fillers.

This grain-free formula is good for any breed dog thanks to its small-bite kibble that is filled with patented probiotics and animal-based protein to give you pup all-day energy while also aiding in natural, regulated digestion. The included Omega-3 fatty acids also help to lift depression, ease joint pain and stiffness, and they have been shown to lower triglyceride levels. Plus, Omega-6 fatty acids help to stimulate hair and skin growth along with aiding brain function and regulating metabolism.

  • It contains a lot of protein that includes real meat
  • This is a grain-free formula that is perfect for dogs with stomach issues
  • It promotes a healthy coat and lean body mass
  • Some users have had to check with a vet to figure out the right portion for their dog’s size

Wellness Core Grain Free Weight Management Formula for Adult Dogs

Wellness Core GrainIdeal for adult dogs, Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food Weight Management is available with a turkey, whitefish, pork liver, or chicken recipe. This is a gluten and grain-free dog food recipe that use great ingredients like venison, beef, lamb, sweet potatoes, botanicals, and greens to provide support for inner wellness. It is also fortified with minerals and vitamins including a flax and fish omega blend that promotes a healthy coat and skin.

With each can of dog food, your pup gets a balanced and complete meal, or you can add it on top of other dog food for an added protein boost. Containing over 80 percent more meat than other dog foods on the market, this grain-free formula uses products that are completely free of animal by-products and grain and retaining a meaty and flavorful dog food.

The center of the Wellness Core Dog food is a balance of nutrient-dense meal and natural ingredients that your dog will love. Providing a happy and healthy life for your dog using the power of natural nutrition, this dog food uses a small number of authentic, simple, and pure ingredients to provide your dog with uncompromising and safe nutrition. With the premium protein available in this well-balanced meal, your dog will thrive with no fillers, but just nutrient-rich superfoods.

This grain-free recipe uses a limited ingredient diet, so it is perfect if your dog has any food sensitivities. Wellness Core Dog food also uses a higher concentration of protein for leaner body mass and muscle tone by using fresh meat ingredients and no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors as well as no soy, corn, wheat, or meat byproducts. Providing whole-body health, this dog food provides guaranteed mineral levels that will support a healthy coat and skin, digestive health, optimal energy, and a strong immune system.

Containing a good balance of calories, fats, and other nutrients that you need for daily feeding, this dog food makes sure to use ingredients that are carefully selected to guarantee the nutritional needs of your dog each day. Not only with this high protein food give your adult dog the benefit of a healthy diet, but it will also help him maintain a good weight.

  • It contains five high-quality proteins
  • This is a good choice for balanced and complete dog food
  • It doesn’t have any artificial flavors or meat by-products or artificial flavors
  • This is great dog food for any adult dog stage

Royal Canin Adult Bulldog Dry Food

Royal CaninOne of the best dog foods for bulldogs, Royal Canin Adult Bulldog Dry Food is a good diet for a bulldog’s sensitive skin, digestion, joints. Created just for bulldogs, this dry dog food has the nutrients that will help your bulldog thrive. It also uses a unique wave-shaped kibble that was created for the unique jaw of a Bulldog making it easier for them to chew and pick up.

Using high-digestible proteins, high-quality carbohydrates, and precise fiber content, Royal Canin Adult Bulldog Dry Food supports healthy digestion and decreases gas and stool odors. Featuring exclusive nutrients, it also reinforces your dog’s skin barrier helping to protect his skin folds from any irritants while maintaining a healthy coat. Plus, it has an optimum level of DHA and EPA to support joint and bone health and also helps your dog maintain his ideal weight.

Providing the nutritional needs a purebred Bulldogs a year or older needs, this exclusive diet has been created based on the needs of your bulldog. That includes using chelated minerals like zinc proteinate, which can help your dog absorb minerals better. Plus, it also comes with fish oil featuring good omega fatty acids to keep your Bulldog’s joint and bone health in good condition.

  • It helps to reduce digestive issues and gas
  • This food uses unique nutrients and good proteins
  • It is specifically made for the flat face of a bulldog
  • It’s not good for bulldogs under one year

Solid Gold Wolf Cub

Solid GoldIdeal for puppies, Solid Gold Wolf Cub Dog Food is carefully crafted with controlled calcium levels for good bone development. Offering the right balance of living probiotics and functional superfoods, this dog food uses high-quality pasture-raised meet in this potato-free recipe. It also helps to support healthy growth for any larger breed puppy while supporting his overall immune system and gut health.

Featuring non-GMO whole grain, Solid Gold Wolf Cub Dog Food uses pearled barley and brown rice as a good fiber source along with minerals and Vitamin B. Its first ingredient is USA Bison that provides real protein that will support overall wellness and health. With no fillers, this large breed puppy food gives your young dog healthy fats and whole grains to maintain and build muscle.

Allergy-free and all-natural, Solid Gold Wolf Cub uses a proprietary blend of rich superfoods including almond oil for a healthier coat, cranberries for antioxidants, and pumpkin for a healthier digestive system. Mixed with fiber-rich prebiotics, this dog food helps your puppy achieve optimal gut and digestive health and comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

This formula was created to provide balanced nutrition for the growth of larger breed dogs that includes calcium to controlled bone development and growth. Providing a solid foundation, Solid Gold Wolf Cub Dog Foot uses omega fatty acids as a good fat source for kidney, heart, and brain development and minerals to promote bone development for your growing puppy.

  • It helps to boost your dog’s immune system
  • This is good food for larger breed puppies
  • It helps to support heart and cognitive development in puppies
  • It isn’t intended for older dogs

Earthborn Holistic Venture Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Diet for Dogs

VentureFeaturing a limited ingredient diet, Earthborn Holistic Venture Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food does not contain eggs, potatoes, gluten, grain, fillers, colorants, artificial preservatives, or by-products. Made with three ingredients, this rabbit meal uses pumpkin, peas, and rabbits that are born and raised only in France where they receive 100 percent vegetable diets and follow strict European regulations. Earthborn also uses packaging from sustainable sources.

With incredible palatability, Earthborn Holistic Venture Limited Ingredient Diet uses pumpkins that are a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. With select vine-ripened pumpkins from the Lush Central Valley in California, your dog will receive an exceptional diet packed with vital nutrients. This diet also addresses digestive and skin sensitives along with providing incredible nutrition and flavor.

With just the right amount of fiber, this food is a good choice for a dog that suffers from abdominal issues. This unique formula also features special ingredients like selenium, which is a good source of chelated minerals, and phosphorus that will support bone structure. When you feed Earthborn Holistic Venture Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Diet for Dogs, you won’t have to worry about nutritional deficiencies or food allergies.

  • This food supports all parts of your dog’s body
  • It uses environmentally friendly packaging
  • It is easy for dogs to absorb and the dogs love eating it
  • It’s on the expensive side

Royal Canin Adult French Bulldog Dry Food

Royal Canin FrenchOne of the best foods for French Bulldogs, Royal Canin Adult French Bulldog Dry Food helps Frenchies benefit from a diet that is easy to eat while providing muscle support and helping to aid with digestion that will cut down on gas. With the Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult Dog Food, you get tailor-made nutrition that is created just for French Bulldogs. Using an exclusive breed-specific diet, this unique formula uses specific nutrients to help Frenchies thrive.

Featuring customized curved-shaped kibble, this specially designed food is perfect for a French Bulldog’s underbite and short muzzle, so it is easy to pick up and chew. Using content with precise protein and L-carnitine, Royal Canin Adult French Bulldog Dry Food supports healthy muscles. Plus, exclusive nutrients will help to reinforce your dog’s skin barrier to create healthy skin.

With a mix of high-quality carbohydrates, precise fiber content, and highly digestible proteins, Royal Canin Adult French Bulldog Dry Food will support your pet’s healthy digestion and decrease stool odors and flatulence. Designed to meet your Frenchies nutritional needs, this is one of the best dog food to provide optimal health for your French Bulldog with the right balance of L-Carnitine and protein to stimulate metabolism for proper weight maintenance.

  • This can food can help to reduce gas
  • It uses highly digestible proteins
  • It uses L-carnitine to help improve muscle tone
  • It isn’t the best choice for all breeds

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Diet

Taste of the Wild GrainA high-quality dry dog food, the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Diet has a high amount of fat and protein content. Offering a wide range of venison, chicken, lamb, and bison, this dry dog food features chickpeas, lentils, and peas that are a high sour of carbohydrates. Plus, your pet gets a good amount of fiber to encourage healthy digestion with ingredients like tomato pomace and additional oils that give your dog a good source of omega fatty acids.

Suited for the majority of dogs out there that aren’t super active, Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Diet offers a balanced diet using novel proteins like bison and buffalo. With natural antioxidant support, real vegetables and fruits along with chicory root help to promote healthy digestion and prebiotic support. Amino acids and essential minerals ensure you get the maximum daily benefit with optimized absorption combined with a taste that your dog will love.

This grain-free recipe uses lean nutrition with roasted venison and beef along with bison that helps to support strong muscles. With a natural recipe, the powerful antioxidants and added vitamins from real vegetables and fruits will support your dog’s overall health while the Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids help to support a healthy coat and skin.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Diet uses sustainable and trusted sources of ingredients while avoiding artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors along with no filler, wheat, corn, or grain. This highly digestible and nutrient-rich recipe uses a proprietary K9 strain probiotic mix that supports your pet’s digestive health and offers the balanced nutrition that your dog needs for optimal growth.

  • It is filled with ingredients that are highly-digestible energy that your pooch deserves
  • This food will boost your pet’s digestive system
  • It includes important amino acids and minerals
  • Some users have had problems with their English bulldog overeating the product leading to obesity

Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Food for Dogs

EarthbornFulfilling all your dog’s cravings, Earthborn Holistic® Great Plains Feast offers beef and bison meat. Since these proteins are highly digestible, your dog is certain to get a great-tasting food that is packed with all the nutrition he needs to live a happy and long life. With this premium grain-free formula, your dog will get minerals vitamins, fruits, and vegetables that he needs to get the best everyday nutrition.

Loved by English Bulldogs, Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast comes in a handy tub that you can reseal. Made without potatoes, grain, or gluten, this grain0free diet is a good alternative for dogs that have allergies that still gives him the high-protein he needs. Rich in balanced amino acids, this high-digestible food uses lead met along with fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants like spinach, carrots, apples, cranberries, blueberries, and peas.

Important in obtaining optimal health, the Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast uses beta-carotene, vitamins, minerals that help you to maintain your pet’s immune system. With balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that help to establish the skin’s lipid barrier and support of the health care of your dog’s coat and skin. It also comes in 100 percent recyclable and BPA-free packaging.

  • Made with a source of high protein that converts fat into muscle
  • It has a ton of vitamins and minerals
  • It promotes healthy skin and uses omega fatty acids
  • It doesn’t ship to certain countries

Understanding the Diet Requirements of a Bulldog

The most important nutrient for a dog is protein, which is particularly true for a solid breed such as a Bulldog. As puppies, protein gives dogs the building blocks he needs for healthy muscles while adults use it to maintain their lean muscle mass. A concentrated source of energy, fat can be a positive addition to a Bulldog diet as long as it is controlled to prevent obesity and overgrowth when he is a puppy.

Both fats and proteins are best when eaten as an animal source since that’s what your dog is able to digest best. Essential nutrients, energy, fiber, and carbohydrates should also come from a digestible source like legumes, beans, vegetables, and whole grains. Since Bulldogs can be prone to allergies, you may want to think about a grain-free diet. So, when considering a source of fiber, look for food that contains prebiotic fibers and that has an overall fiber content of about five percent.

Bulldog Puppy Diet – The best dog food for Bulldog Puppies will contain a minimum off 22 percent protein and 8 percent fat to grow up healthy and strong. Typically, puppy formulas meet these needs, just make sure it doesn’t have too much fat or your pet can gain too much weight.

Bulldog Adult Diet – At about 75 percent of your dog’s adult size, or when he hits about a year, you should switch him to an adult dog food that has between 12 and 16 percent fat content and between 24 and 30 percent protein content.

Bulldog Senior Diet – Older dogs are at risk of becoming obese, so you should change your Bulldog’s diet to a senior recipe, a healthy weight formula, or a low-fat formula.

Along with carbohydrates, protein, and fat, a Bulldog can also benefit from supplements like prebiotics that will support his gut health and promote regular digestion. Also, chelated minerals can help aid protein for added absorption while chondroitin and glucosamine can help support your dog’s joints and bones.

Bulldog Special Dietary Considerations

A Bulldog only has a lifespan between 8 and 10 years, which is pretty short for a medium-sized dog. This short lifespan can be attributed to some of his health conditions. Here is a list of health issues that Bulldogs can be prone to:

  • Dermatitis in his Skin Folds
  • Reverse sneezing
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Gastric Torsion
  • Entropion
  • Demodectic Mange
  • Cherry Eye
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Allergies

Bulldog Health Issues

You can divide many of a Bulldog’s health issues into categories like musculoskeletal issues and eye problems. Some of these eye problems include entropion, dry eye, and cherry eye. Cherry eye will occur when the gland found under the eye protrudes into the corner of his eye. Entropion happens when an eyelash turns inward and irritates the eye while dry eye can happen when there is inadequate tear production.

Common musculoskeletal issues in Bulldogs are due to their significant weight and compressed structure. An abnormality of their hip joint can cause hip dysplasia, which can cause the femoral head to slip in and out of its joint. When the kneecap does the same thing, it’s called patellar luxation. With both conditions, a Bulldog can develop arthritis later in life. When you supplement your Bulldog’s diet with chondroitin and glucosamine, you can manage these issues and help to reduce his risk of arthritis.

Along with these health issues, a Bulldog is also prone to obesity and food allergies. Any type of dog can develop an allergy to food with some of the most common including corn and wheat as well as common proteins like pork, chicken, and beef. When you feed your dog a limited ingredient or grain-free diet, you can limit his risk for a food allergy.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is also important for a Bulldog, plus you need to be aware of a risk of bloating. With this deep-chested breed, you run the risk of bloating or gastric torsion, which is a condition where the stomach can twist and cut off blood flow to his heart. This is the result of your Bulldog drinking or eating too much, swallowing too much air as he eats, and exercising too close to a meal. If he is able to maintain a healthy weight, you can reduce his risk of bloating while also preventing musculoskeletal problems and obesity.

Three Different Stages of a Bulldog’s Diet Requirements

While the right type of food for a bulldog will help to prevent weight gain and promote proper digestion, it also needs to include quality ingredients that will help to support their joints and bones. A bulldog’s diet needs to have the right mix of minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. And, for a gorgeous coat and skin, it also needs to include omega-6 fatty acids.

Always avoid a diet that has additional calcium as bulldogs tend to have issues with hip dysplasia. You also want food that has a healthy weight formula that features a 1:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorous. You can also check a Bulldog feeding chart to help gauge the right amount of food to feed your Bulldog.

Puppy Bulldog

The best dog food for Bulldog puppies will contain good quality meat proteins. Remember not to overfeed or free-feed your puppy since overfeeding can cause muscle and bone issues. Typically, you want to feed your Bulldog puppy just two times a day.

Adult Bulldog

When a puppy starts to show less interest in their puppy food, that’s a sign that you should make the change to an adult dog food. Typically, you want this switch to happen over the course of a week.

A good amount to start with is about 3 to 4 cups of good quality kibble to feed your adult Bulldog. You should divide this amount into two meals during the day and always remember that the amount can down or up depending on your dog’s age, size, weight, and activity level.

Senior Bulldog

More likely to have hip and joint issues, a senior bulldog will need foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Since a senior bulldog is not as energetic as a younger one, it also requires a lower number of calories.

Feeding Chart for Bulldogs

When choosing the right food for your Bulldog, always focus on high-quality nutrition that helps him to maintain a healthy body weight. When your dog is a puppy, you may need to give you three meals each to support his development and growth. As an adult, you will need to scale back his meals to ensure that he doesn’t put on too much weight. You should feed your dog between half a cup and two cups of food each day divided over two meals for senior and adult Bulldogs.

To ensure that you are feeding your Bulldog the right amount, pick a high-quality dog food that is full of protein and only a moderate amount of fat. Then, check the recommendations for feeding according to your dog’s weight and age before dividing that amount by how many times a day you want to feed him. Keep in mind that the needs of your dog will change as he ages and grows, so every couple of months check the recommendations and adjust his feeding schedule when necessary.

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs have unique energy needs in comparison to his American and English Bulldog relatives. Featuring a remarkably high metabolism, French Bulldogs burn a ton of energy doing everyday things for such a little dog. If your dog has a particularly active lifestyle, the calories they burn will be even higher.

Any dog breed that has a high metabolism requires a diet with high-calorie food, which will ensure they have the energy they need to fuel their little body. With such a small frame, however, it is important that you don’t give a French Bulldog a very calorie-dense food. The best dog food for French Bulldogs will keep him at a healthy weight since his small frame will have a hard time coping with excess weight. Plus, their bodies have a hard time digesting food that is calorie-dense, and you don’t want to make him sick.

The best dog food for French Bulldogs is nutritious while not being calorie-rich or dense. Shop for foods that are designed for a smaller breed since these formulas tend to have fewer extra calories in their food. Also, look for food that has the nutrients that will help with his digestion and keep all those calories in check. A good example is L-Carnitine, which will help to keep his weight at a healthy level.

English Bulldog

Moving on to the English Bulldog, one of the key features when considering dog food is something that will help with weight maintenance. Before you buy food, look at the formula and see if it is designed to help your English Bulldog maintain a healthy weight. The best dog food for English Bulldogs has a formula that includes ingredients like pre and probiotics, fiber, high-quality ingredients, and nutrient-dense. All of these ingredients work together to reduce bloating and gas while it also helps to sustain his energy level. Plus, you won’t have to use a lot of food, so you can save money.

Keep in mind that you should only feed an English Bulldog based on the manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations from your vet. Remember that smaller portions that are fed frequently throughout the day or one large meal a day are better than free feeding.

English Bulldogs also suffer from allergies, so it is vital that you find a formula that does not include additives and preservatives as well as has a limited amount of ingredients. You may want to consider staying with just one primary ingredient and avoiding grains.

The best dog food for English Bulldogs will have a high fiber content tend to use healthier sources, outside of grains, that will make the food easier for an English Bulldog to digest. Typically, these fiber sources are similar to what you find in many fruits and vegetables.

When you use a product with few ingredients and high giver, you also tend to get a lower carbohydrate content, which can cause yeast to form. Yeast is a common issue with bulldogs, which is why it’s important to consider how your food choice can impact this skin condition.

Remember that it’s safe to offer your English Bulldog high sugar treats on occasion, but you don’t want to feed him low-quality dog food that also uses that same high sugar content. Balanced nutrition is super important for this breed, so while buying dog food that is grain-free and easy to digest is good, if it leaves your pet malnourished, that’s not good either. Remember that it's important for your English Bulldog to have a diet with a high protein content as well as tons of antioxidants and amino acids.

An English Bulldog’s age is also an important factor to consider as you choose food. Older English Bulldogs will need vastly different food than a puppy. Puppies need more protein and DHA to encourage healthy growth. Low protein and moderate fat are better for adult bulldogs while seniors need low-fat content to help manage their weight, plus he will need something that can help to improve his joint health.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you try to achieve a balanced diet for your English Bulldog. Since they are susceptible to weight gain, it is vital that they are fed a balanced and nutritional diet, so you only want to choose high-quality ingredients like:

Vitamins and Minerals

Fat – Animal fat, Flaxseed oil, and Fish oil

Carbohydrates – Sweet potato, Barley, and Brown rice

Proteins – Beef, Chicken, Fish

American Bulldog

The best dog food for American Bulldogs has natural, high-quality ingredients that are healthy and wholesome. It’s important to look for real meat sources in the dog, and it really should be listed as the first ingredient. Also avoid any meat sources that your dog is sensitive to or need to avoid, like beef and chicken if he has a thyroid issue.

Great sources of carbohydrates are vegetables and fruit, but you will want to avoid any grains, except for brown rice, and potatoes in order to limit intolerances and allergy interactions. Great vegetable options to look for include peas, chickpeas, pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potatoes, as long as your dog isn’t allergic to legumes. Other ingredients to look for in the best dog food for American Bulldogs include probiotics, minerals, vitamins, kelp, Omegas, and any joint-strengthening supplements.

You can find out how many calories your dog needs based on his weight. Keep in mind that female bulldogs tend to eat less than a male. Older dogs also usually eat less, but it will also depend on their energy level. Super active bulldogs can eat up to 2600 calories a day while less active dogs can eat as few as 1400. Always look for a dog food that is high in good quality protein that has a mid to high fat count and is packed with healthy vegetables and fruit.

If you own an American bulldog, you know that he is at risk for some pretty serious health problems. While they are less flat-faced than French and English bulldogs, they can still suffer from many of the same conditions. In particular, they can suffer from brachycephalic syndrome as well as food intolerances and allergies. Many bulldogs have issues with their skin and digestion as well as hypothyroidism.

American Bulldogs can also develop cataracts as well as an eye condition known as cherry eye. Joint dysplasia is also pretty common in heavy and stocky breeds, plus they can get obese easily and that can cause a bunch of other health problems. Dogs that are white often develop tear stains, but that isn’t a health issue, so you shouldn’t be concerned.


How do you ensure your Bulldog does not become overweight?

Not really known for their joy of exercising, American Bulldogs tend to be more active than French or English Bulldogs. Since they were bred to be working dogs, it is important that they do get enough exercise to stay healthy and not get bored. Make sure you provide enough space that they can’t run around during the day.

If you choose to do exercise with them, find activities that are exciting and challenging since they are very intelligent. A few good ideas for fun activities include mind-stimulating games, a good wrestle, and a long walk. Along with exercise, also make sure you feed your bulldog the right amount since overestimating how much to feed him can make him fat.

It’s also important to give your dog a little rest time as you play so he can catch his breath. Dogs with flatter faces may have issues with breathing and can be susceptible to heatstroke if they aren’t able to release enough heat when they pant.

What should you not feed bulldogs?

It’s always hard to know if you are giving your pet the right food to make him healthy and strong, especially when your dog suffers from food sensitivity. However, there are certain things that are definite nos when it comes to your dog’s diet. Here a few items that are either bad or toxic to your dog’s health.

Bacon – While humans find bacon to be very tasty, it’s pretty dangerous for a bulldog. Containing tons of fat, bacon can be harmful to his heart. Make sure you avoid feeding your bulldog bacon or any food that has a lot of fat in it to ensure he stays healthy.

Macadamia nuts – Believe it or not, this little nut can cause digestive issues and other health problems that can cause your bulldog to have tremors, depression, and vomiting.

Avocado – Avocado can actually cause persin poisoning, which can lead to issues with his breathing and stomach. Outside of poisoning, a dog can also choke on the avocado’s pit.

Apple – Cyanide is in the apple’s core and can be deadly for your bulldog.

Raw dough – Another thing human’s love is raw cookie dough, but in a bulldog, gas bubbles can form in his stomach that can be seriously painful. These bubbles can also pretty dangerous as they can cause his digestive tract to expand and burst.

Can Bulldogs eat pasta or rice?

Completely safe for any breed, rice is a good choice for a bulldog. Always cook it first and don’t salt it. If you serve it with some chicken, it can have a calming effect on your dog’s stomach. But, don’t make too much rice for your dog, which can leave him feeling heavy and bloated. Pasta is also good for a dog as long as you don’t overdo it.

What is the healthiest meat for a bulldog?

Lean ground beef, turkey, and chicken are typically the best options when it comes to meat for your bulldog. Always cook the meat well and don’t add salt. Look for cuts of meat that don’t have a lot of fat and make sure you use fresh meat as spoiled meat can also cause your bulldog some stomach issues.

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