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Dachshund Lab Mix – Everything You Need To Know!


Dachshund lab mixThe Dachshund Labrador mix is one that doesn’t really sound possible – that is until you see one in the flesh.

The two parent breeds are so physically different that it is hard to imagine what their offspring would look like. The result is actually quite adorable.

Also, there some great personality traits inherited from both sides. What initially sounds like a weird mixed breed actually has the potential to be a great family dog.

In this guide, we will look at some of the different traits that you should expect when looking for this Labrador Dachshund mixed breed dog. One of the most important aspects to consider is the size and shape of this dog. There are two very different dogs combining their genes and this leads to an odd appearance.

Other questions to consider about their physical traits include the following:

  • What colour is their coat and does it have any special grooming needs.
  • What sort of diet and exercise requirements does this animal have?
  • Are there any major health issues that buyers need to be aware of?

Then there are the personality traits to consider:

  • Are these dogs good with children and other animals?
  • Do they have any behavioural issues to look out for?
  • Are they easy to train?

Finally, we will look at breeders and rescue centres. Before that, let’s take a closer look at the origin of this dog.

What is a Dachshund Lab Mix?

Throughout this guide, we will continue to refer to this Dachshund Lab Mix breed as the Dachsador. That is because this is one of the most common names for this hybrid. Breeders and owners both understand that this means a Labrador Dachshund mix. It also gives the dog a bit of its own identity, rather than one as a mixed breed. There are other names that you may see around, such as the Doxidor or the Weinerdor.

This Dachsador is the result of cross-breeding between a Dachshund and a Labrador. Now, the first question that many dog lovers will ask here is how. How does it come about with such a small dachshund and large Labrador? Try as they might, it isn’t visible for these two dogs to mate naturally. Breeders will turn to artificial insemination to impregnate a female Labrador with the sperm of the male Dachshund. It is important that it is this way around. A small dachshund female would be unable to safely carry a litter of these Dachsador pups.

dachshund labrador mix black colour

The Dachshund father:

The Dachshund has become a popular little pet in recent years because of its charming nature and size. It is a great small dog for people that live in apartments. It is also friendly and fun-loving. Originally, this little dog was bred to flush badgers out of their setts.

The name in German literally means badger-dog. Their hound-like senses and short limbs were ideal for the job. Today, over breeding means that the short legs and elongated spines are actually a health risk.

The Labrador mother:

The Labrador is another popular breeds and remains one of the world’s favourites. Their appearance, good nature, intelligence and simple care needs mean that they suit a lot of homes and working environments. Families enjoy the company of this loyal pet.

Others will keep these animals for their original purpose of retrieving. They will locate game on hunts and bring them back to their masters. They are also brilliant at retrieving items from the water because of their waterproof coat. This explains why so many retriever owners find that they pets love to play in the water.

Why create this Doxie Lab hybrid dog?

It is thought that this crossbreed may have originated from a desire to eliminate some of the health problems seen in the parent breeds. Dachshunds are often overbred to have long spines and short legs. This isn’t a practical attribute.

Their hunting ancestors weren’t this mis-proportioned. Instead, these traits come from the desire to create the best form of Dachshund with the best genetics. Unfortunately, these genetics aren’t good for the health of the animal. They are prone to spinal problems.

The size and build of this Dachshund Labrador mix.

Thankfully, the proportions of this mixed breed aren’t such a problem. Most new owners will find that the dog’s legs grow to be around three quarters the size of those of a Labrador.

Their body may be a little leaner than a lab and should be between 30-40 pounds. Of course, heights and shapes will vary between animals. Their height could actually be anywhere between 15 and 25 inches.

Elsewhere, you should also find that the dog has many physical features that are reminiscent of the Labrador mother. Many of these dogs have a face that is a lot like that of a Labrador and the long lab tail. Many will also have the big floppy ears of the Dachshund.

What about the coat colour?

Many of these dogs will have coats with dark brown hues, but there are also some that black or redder in colour It all depends on the colours of the parents. If you have a black Labrador and a black dachshund, you are pretty likely to get a black puppy.

There are many cute Dachsador pups with chocolate brown coats – again, it is easy to see where they inherited that trait. Beware of breeders that claim to be able to produce silver Dachsador puppies for a higher price. There is no guarantee that they can create a dog with this rare coat colour.

Grooming your Dachshund Labrador mix

The coat types of these pups can vary depending on the coats of their parents. It is possible to have a coat that isn’t unlike that of a Labrador. This is more likely when you have a lab crossed with a short-haired Dachshund.

However, there could be a chance of a longer coat if the Dachshund father is a long-haired breed. This can all make a big difference to grooming needs. Short haired dogs will require regular brushing, but not much else. Long-haired animals may require more maintenance.

Also, remember that Labradors are prone to shedding so this could be a bigger problem when it comes to these longer haired animals. Effective grooming also means regular attention to their ears, eyes and nails.

Other healthcare needs of this Labrador Dachshund mix

 The life expectancy of a Dachshund Lab cross is pretty high. Many will live for around 12 to 14 years. However, they are still at risk from a number of illnesses. Spinal and knee issues could still be a problem here.  Just because these dogs are a little stronger, that doesn’t mean they won’t inherit some of the problems of their fathers. There are also some warnings from Dachsador owners about the risk of eye problems.

Another important issue regarding the health of these animals is their potential to gain weight.

Both the Labrador and the Dachshund have a tendency to overeat. The Labrador especially has trouble knowing when it is full. This can lead to weight gain and obesity complications. This is dangerous enough with a normal-sized lab.

The weight and shorter legs of the Dachsador mean there could be even greater stress on the animal’s joints. That is why it is so important to employ portion control and provide a clean, nutritious diet for these animals. Look for good pet food that has enough energy for their needs, but into full of carbs or other fillers. Also, consider an automatic feeder if you need to leave these animals unattended for long periods.

What about their exercise needs?

A plus side to this issue of weight gain is that there active, fun-loving dogs can burn off calories quite fast. Owners that take the time to plan a good exercise regime and keep their dog fit shouldn’t have too many issues here. These dogs love to run around and play fetch.

Those that take after their mother may also have a fondness for swimming. Indulge them and enjoy your time with them. Take them on long family walks. Play games with them in the yard to strengthen your bond.

dachshund running

What is their personality like?

There are some positive personality traits that this dog will get from its parents. This is a fun-loving, happy dog that will enjoy being a part of your household. They are also smart and pretty obedient – most of the time – with a sense of loyalty to their pack.

The dachshund genes mean that this loyalty could develop into a protective nature. Dachsadors could be better guard dogs than their Labrador parent. However, their strong devotion to their owner could also lead to a problem with separation anxiety. There are also Dachshund Labrador crosses that like to dig and chew.

Are they good with kids?

Absolutely. With this animal, you have a mix of one breed that really enjoys the love of a family and another that was a born companion dog. When you mix the two together, you get a loyal, loving animal that can have a very sweet disposition when it comes to family members and kids.

However, be aware that some of these dachsador dogs still think that they are a lapdog. They will happily curl up for cuddle even though they are basically a small Labrador.

Are they good with other animals?

Not so much. There is a hunting gene in the Dachshund that can come into play when they are around smaller animals. There is a chance that your lab doxie cross may have some of the same inclinations when they see rabbits out in the countryside, or smaller pets in a family home. Socialisation training could be even more important if they are sharing the home with other animals.

Training a Dachshund Lab mix

Training shouldn’t be too difficult because these animals are so eager to please and are pretty intelligent. There are some issues that will need to be addressed pretty early on, such as any separation anxiety. The sooner you start, the more likely it is that you will end up with an obedient family pet.

Still, it is important to work on training regimes for key problems

Digging training may be one of the hardest to master. The instincts in these dogs to dig can be quite overwhelming. Training relies on positive reinforcement when they stop digging and play elsewhere, rather than negative actions when they are caught digging. It may also help to ensure that the boundaries are secure and they can’t slip out. Using wireless dog fences may be beneficial.

Finding a good Dachshund Labrador cross breeder

If this all sounds great, and you think that the Dachador is a good fit, you can then look for a responsible breeder. The best breeders are those that understand the importance of breeding a male Dachshund with a female Labrador.

They also take good care of their animals and will let you see both the litter and the parents. Beware of those that only have one puppy to show you and won’t let you see the home or parents. Also, avoid those that want to charge far too much for rare colours and coat types.

Running dachshund lab mix breed

The alternative here is to look for a Dachsador in need of adoption

This may be unlikely in your area. This isn’t a common breed and shelters may not have one. But, it may be possible to reach out online if you prefer the idea of rescuing a dog.

This is a great way to offer an animal a second chance. There could be owners that can’t handle the needs of the dog and had to give it up. There may also be breeders that abandon puppies that aren’t the right size or colour.

What we have learned about this Dachshund Labrador cross?

In some ways, this dog will be everything that new owners expect it to be. There is that preconception in our minds that a Dachshund Lab mix will be a Labrador on short legs. This isn’t too far from the truth in some ways. The appearance of these dogs does often resemble that.

However, we can’t assume that this animal is just like a Labrador, but with a different height.There are traits in the personality of this animal that showcase the genes of the Dachshund father. The desire to dig and slightly more protective nature comes through here.

There is also that risk of the prey drive. This doesn’t mean that Dachshund genes in a Labrador are all bad. These smaller companion dogs have a great personality, love the family and aren’t too difficult to train.

If you like the sound of these Dachsador dogs and want one for your family, take some time to researcher breeders. You may have to drive a long way to find a responsible breeder. But, this is much better than opting for someone that doesn’t understand this odd little mixed breed. Alternatively, contact your local shelters and rescues.

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