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Bullymake Box Review


Bullymake Box ReviewDogs have very different personalities at times. Sometimes they are feeling cuddly, happy, and want to do nothing but play with their owner or anyone willing to show them attention. At other times, they love to bite into their favorite chew toy and shred that sucker until there’s no tomorrow.

If your dog is small, you don’t have to worry about him or her biting through the toughest material because their jaw just isn’t strong enough to make it happen. On the other hand, if you own a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd, the constant biting and gnawing can become very problematic since they have powerful jaws that can tear through leather and crack bones in half. The wide majority of chew toys are made for dogs of tinier breeds, so a big dog will likely tear up these toys in a matter of minutes, hours, or maybe days.

There is a subscription box from Bullymake purposely created for dogs with big jaws. These toys are durable and built to last even if your dog loves to shred, rip, and tear everything to pieces. Every one of the toys in this box is made from dense rubber or tough nylon, which is ideal for dog teeth yet the toys aren’t going to break unless your dog can chomp with an unbelievable amount of force.

Last but not least, if your dog can shred through one of the Bullymake subscription box toys in 14 days or faster, they’ll send you another toy as a replacement for free, yet this replacement toy will be a lot more durable. So even though you’re going to pay more for toys from the subscription box then the average, you get the guarantee that your dog will always have an available chew toy even if he or she rips through the first one because you’ll get the free replacement.

Subscription Box: What Is It?

Subscription boxes have been around for a long time and they aren’t a brand-new idea. It started out in the meal delivery and TV dinner space – think Nutrisystem. Over the past few decades, some companies have been providing subscription box groceries at affordable prices and the business model is very successful. This has helped people who have little time get excellent deals on their favorite foods through a company selling subscription boxes.

But the subscription box game has changed over the years and now you can find all kinds of boxes including boxes about fandom, accessories for grooming, and they even sell boxes focused on beauty products. Monthly subscriptions are very popular because it gives the subscribers something to look forward to each month, and you never know what’s going to be inside which is thrilling and exciting because it gives you something to anticipate in the near future.

 Pet subscription boxes are great for dogs because they get to have all the fun as they smell the treats inside the box, even though it’s delivered in vacuum sealed plastic.  Although your pup is going to love this box, you’ll also like it because you’ll be pleased to know that your dog has exciting new treats on the way and you’ll feel good about making your furry friend happy, so that’s always nice.

The Differences in the Bullymake Box

The Bullymake Box is different than other pet subscription boxes because it only gives one or two toys made of high quality material as opposed to other boxes that provide a lot more toys but the material is less durable and less dense so bigger dogs will tear through these toys much quicker. By focusing on strong materials, your dog can put the toys under extreme duress and they likely will not break.

Plus, they have their guarantee in place that says if your dog does break a toy in 14 days or less, they’ll send you a new one for free. Even more important, the new toy will be even stronger than the one provided before, so it’s likely going to be impossible to break, at least with your dog’s teeth.

Finally, these treats are made from ingredients with high protein that will make your dog healthy and stronger.

What Will I Get in a Bullymake Box?

On the inside of a Bullymake Box, you’ll find four or five FDA tested and approved treats made of high quality and healthy protein. Each of these treats is 100% all-natural and do not contain antibiotics or additives that potentially harm the health of your dog. These edible treats are vacuum sealed in plastic bags to prevent spoilage barring exposure to high moisture or water.

Oddly enough, the majority of dogs can sniff these treats as soon as you bring the box inside the house, so unless you have a different bone or chew toy occupying your dog at the time, you’ll likely have a tough time saving them if that was your plan!

Lastly, the box comes with a super durable and high quality toy designed to survive for at least a month until your next box arrives. Just looking at these toys you see how sturdy and robust they are. And you’ll know that even the toughest dogs will find it challenging to break them.

Quick Review of the Ordering Process

  • Choose your plan
  • Share information about your pup
  • Get a Bullymake Box shipped to your home

It’s really easy to order from Bullymake. Visit their website and choose your desired offer. Next, add your payment and shipping information. Once you’ve completed the process, they’ll send your package to the requested destination. The only option is to choose the length of your subscription, so you won’t have to worry about dog breed, age, or the size of your dog while making a selection.

 Just like other subscription services, if you commit to a longer term you’ll pay less money. A single month’s package costs $39. If you commit to getting a box every month for a year, you’ll only pay $31, which is a $96 savings (or 3 month’s free) throughout the year. 

The Shipping Process

Bullymake doesn’t charge extra for shipping to the mainland US. For residents in Guam, Puerto Rico, Alaska, or Hawaii, you should contact them to find out if the shipping is still free and available.

At the moment, international shipping isn’t an option. Since the contents are perishable, they can only ship to North America at this time.

Final Thoughts

Does your dog rip apart chew toys and bones in a matter of minutes? You’ll love your Bullymake Box subscription if this is the case. If your dog does manage to destroy his or her chew toy in 14 days, you’ll get a free stronger toy as a replacement at no extra charge. It’s definitely worth it in our opinion and we think you’ll agree.


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