October 5

8 Ways to Help Your Dog Fall Asleep


Sleepless dogs tend to create sleepless and restless nights for their owners.

Puppies are very similar to children in many respects. They are cute and you certainly want to cuddle with them. On the other hand, they keep their mom and dad awake at night and they often have tantrums.

It’s actually easier than you think to help your dog get to sleep at night. But only if you have the right tricks and tactics to accomplish this task.

Are you ready to learn eight powerful recommendations that will make it easier than ever to get your dog to fall asleep? After you master this please come back and leave a comment to let us know which method worked best for your puppy.

How to Put a Dog to Sleep Fast

  1. Bribery

Yes, you’re allowed to bribe your dog! In fact, it’s the smartest choice you’ll ever make if your dog is keeping you awake at night because it refuses to sleep in its dog bed or crate.

Instead of suffering because your pup will not get off the bed, you can bribe him or her to become more obedient. Get a treat out of the cupboard or cabinet and bring it over to the dog bed/crate. Be very positive while you present this offering to your dog and let him or her know that they will get the treat as long as they lie down in their dedicated space.

At the same token, you should never punish your dog for not listening to you. The dog will begin viewing you negatively and you’ll never get him or her to listen to your commands or take your bribes again.

  1. Make It a Habit

Dogs are incredibly habitual creatures just like human beings. They like to sleep in a particular environment and follow a specific sleep routine. If you shift this routine on them for any reason, they will often have a difficult time going to bed.

Try not to change things around in an instant. Ease your dog into any changes that you would like him or her to make. Be slow and patient and show your dog exactly where they’re supposed to sleep.

You may have a tough time waking up in the middle of the night to perform tasks that will solve your dog’s sleeping problems. But it’s worth it over the long run so suffer now and experience the benefits forever once you’ve completed the task.

  1. Exercise

Dogs need plenty of exercise. Otherwise they’ll become restless and difficult to deal with because they’re constantly running around jumping on things because they have too much energy.

Guess what? It’s time to start taking your dog out every day. You must take him or her for a walk or run for at least 30 to 120 minutes per day. This may seem like a long time, but the physical activity will drain your dog of excess energy and make it easy for them to fall asleep at night.

  1. A Ticking Clock

This is an odd one but it really works. Dogs tend to relax around a ticking clock. Put a ticking clock near the area where your dog sleeps and you’ll suddenly watch him or her fall off to dreamland in no time flat.

  1. Feeding Times

Do you want to make it easier for your dog to fall asleep at night? Try avoiding feeding your dog late at night prior to bedtime. This food will give your dog excess energy that he or she doesn’t need in the middle of the night. Feed your dog earlier at an earlier time to get an uninterrupted long night of sleep.  It’s also advisable that you choose vet recommended puppy food and not just any brand that’s on sale at your supermarket.

  1. Make Your Presence Known

Dogs tend to experience anxiety when their owner isn’t near them or in their line of sight. To make your dog go to sleep faster, make sure he or she sees you and recognizes your presence at bedtime. This will help your dog feel calm and soothed and it will help your dog experience a deep rest as it drifts off into the land of happy slumber.

  1. Keep It Occupied

The best way to keep your dog in bed is to keep it there and keep it occupied. Give your dog a noiseless chew toy to play with before bed and it will occupy its mind and keep it calm and quiet. It will also help your dog to fall asleep faster after it’s finished with its entertainment.

  1. Eliminate Noise and Distractions

Keep your house quiet and distraction free. Limit nighttime activities and keep the environment as calm as possible. This will make it easy for your dog to relax and get to bed much faster.


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