November 5

Is It Safe for Dogs to Eat Grape Tomatoes?


During the summer, enjoying a fresh and ripe grape tomato or two makes for a fantastic treat. Just remember that these tomatoes are very different from cherry tomatoes so try not to get confused. The cherry tomato is roughly the size of a cherry, which is obviously a little bit bigger than a grape. A grape tomato, on the other hand, looks very similar to the size and shape of your typical green or red grape.

Many people enjoy eating grape tomatoes in a wide variety of ways including roasting them, putting them in their tasty salads, and other potential options. When compared to regular tomatoes, the grape tomato is not as nutritious as its larger and healthier counterpart. But it does contain some excellent and important health benefits including fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Are Grape Tomatoes Safe for Dogs to Eat?

grape tomatoes

You may be wondering something along the lines of, “Is it safe and healthy for my dog to eat grape tomatoes?” And the answer is a resounding yes. You are definitely allowed to feed your growing dog grape tomatoes. But remember to keep them to a minimum and only give them to your dog as an occasional treat. And even more important, if you do decide to give your dog the occasional grape tomato as a treat, you should only give it to him or her when the tomato is red and ripe.

On the other hand, you must avoid giving your dog grape tomatoes if they still contain the green parts like the leaves and stems. Why? These parts of the plant contain tomatine and solanine. Both of these substances could potentially act as toxins toward your dog.

Is It Safe for Puppies to Eat Grape Tomatoes?

This is another question that you may have since puppies are small and growing. It’s definitely safe for your puppy to eat grape tomatoes just like a regular dog. But again, you have to be diligent and make sure you do not give your pooch the green parts like the stems and leaves. Only give your puppy to red parts when the grape tomato is very ripe. Otherwise your puppy is going to be susceptible to eating toxins that could potentially harm its digestive tract.

What Happens If My Dog Eats the Green Parts of the Grape Tomato?

If your puppy or dog accidentally eats the green parts, you should pay close attention to see if it suffers from digestive distress. The toxins within could cause diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, or seizures. If any of these issues occur, you should bring your dog to the vet’s office right away.


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