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12 Facts About The Pitbull Boxer Mix


Pitbull Boxer MixThe Pitbull Boxer Mix also is known as the American Bullboxer, Bullboxer Pit, and the Pitoxer. It is a well-known mix of two medium to large, powerful dogs, the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Boxer to produce the best of both the strong Pitbull breeds, and the similarly strong, active, and intelligent Boxer. This dog, if well socialized or acquainted with, is a joy to have around.

They are very energetic and don’t shy away from showering you with affection, and showing their unwavering loyalty to their pet parents or family.

I’ve put together some facts on this designer breed so after you’re done reading this article it will be clear whether or not the Pitbull Boxer Mix will be the one to win your heart and if you could be the owner this dog needs. It is very common for this dog to be a multi-generational cross which means you are likely not to get a 50/50 mix. This means they will be slightly different from their parents.

Provided you get the opportunity to buy from a reputable breeder, they should be able to make accessible the details of the dog’s relatives. So it is not uncommon that your Pitbull Boxer could have more attributes of one breed than another, both in terms of physical appearances as well as character.

Now we have that out of the way, let’s clear out some of the myths you might have about the Pitbull boxer, with 12 fun facts about these dogs…

If you’re ready, let’s dive into the list:

1. They are Strong

In terms of its physical traits, they are usually medium to large-sized dogs which measure between 17-26 inches (50-66cm). The adult Pitbull Boxer weighs between 50-80 lbs (22-36kg). The females are slightly smaller in size and weigh a little less. Plenty of exercises and lots of play are needed given that the Pitbull and Boxer were bred used as working dogs.

2. They Require A Lot Of Exercising

A brisk one-hour walk twice a day should be added to its routine. And if you’re running, twenty minutes to half an hour should be enough. If your dog tires, you will notice it slowing or beginning to pant excessively and that will be your sign to stop for a five-minute break and hydrate her. This advice on exercise applies to the adult dog only as when large-breed puppies do too much running and ball-chasing this can cause long-term injuries.

With your Pitbull Box Mix, it is best to do lots of short walks and indoor play, until it matures, at about one year and sixteen months. These dogs are short-haired and do not possess a double coat so they are sensitive to extreme weather conditions. If you live in a place where it gets to below-freezing temperatures, or it goes above 86 degrees Celsius, I wouldn’t recommend this dog for you.

In rainy weather, it will need a doggie coat to keep itself warm. During the months of summer, it is best to take it out in the early morning or the evening when the sun is less intense. The dog may still need sunscreen but make sure you purchase one without zinc oxide as it is toxic for dogs.

3. Bullboxer Pits Are Also Playful

Pitbull Boxer Mix is playingThe Boxer Pitbull Mix is very playful and will need lots of toys at home. With strong jaws and love of chewing, this dog can destroy a chew toy within minutes so considerations should be taken when getting them toys. You’d better make sure it’s durable, otherwise, you’ll be racking up a huge bill in no time. Go along with a ball or a frisbee to play fetch with when you take them out as it finds It enjoyable.

This is why it is important that you invest in training. If you want to invest in yourself to train the Bullboxer Pit, that’s great. However, you definitely want to get the best and proper training for your dog to help them become easily sociable. Since they are great companions giving them the right training is also a way you can build your bond with them. With Bullboxers, investing in a high-ticket training program is better than watching only YouTube videos.

4. They Become Frustrated When Not Given Time To Exercise

As said earlier they are energetic so your Pitbull Boxer Mix requires a lot of exercises. This dog tends to become hyper and frustrated if not given enough time for exercise. This will invariably lead to mischievous behavior such as chewing, barking, and digging Furthermore, this dog is a perfect running partner so intense exercises like this will burn off their excess energy, and when you get home she will be calm and relaxed.

5. They Are Great And Loyal Companion

If you are looking for a faithful and loving companion, look no further. The Boxer is well known as a great companion dog which is incredibly people-orientated and enjoys being with its pack.

The Pitbull is also a very affectionate dog when well-acquainted with and will lick you all over if you give it an inch. They were bred for both work and companionship and due to their gentle nature, are beginning to be used more as a therapy dog.

They are also great with children which makes them excellent family dogs. The Boxer is very patient and protective and on the other hand, the Pitbull is solid, a people-pleaser, and highly trainable. Mix them and what have you got? A companionable, affectionate dog who fits in perfectly with a family. Wants a lot of attention and gives in return.

It is, of course, worth noting that as puppies they are going to be more hyper and so their contact with children must be monitored. Also, your dog must be well-bred to be around children, if not, it will be incredibly excitable and could knock over a small child. For this reason, we recommend not leaving your dog unattended. Sometimes, dogs, in general, find it hard to recognize kids as people and they tend to play with them to the extreme. So, also make sure you keep an eye on them.

6. They Can Be Protective

The Pitoxer(Pitbull Boxer Mix) can be incredibly protective if they take after their Boxer relatives. Its guard dog instinct is strong which can be useful if there is an intruder or attacker.

The level of the courage of these dogs is astounding as they used to risk their lives baiting bulls so do not doubt that it will defend you and yours if necessary. However, if this instinct gets out of hand it can be a problem. It is a must to make sure you socialize your Pitbull Boxer Mix from an early age with as many people as you can. Invite as many friends and family over, and provide it with a positive association by having the invited persons give it a treat when they arrive.

As long as you train it well and stay consistent, this dog will be the friendliest around. These are intelligent dogs which are no surprise given that the Boxer is used in police and military duties as well as search and rescue. People are also beginning to look past the negative stigma around Pitbulls and realize their high level of intelligence and how trainable they are too.

7. Fast Learners With Consistent Training, Though Stubborn

These dogs can be stubborn though, meaning that you need to be firm and consistent with them. As long as you’re in charge, your Pitbull Boxer Mix should pick up basic commands quickly. Enough repetition should be made and provide rewards and lots of praise. As puppies, they are boisterous and energetic little characters. You’ll need to be assertive if you want to get their focus.

In the case where you are not able to purchase or adopt the puppy of this breed, you should note that before you go in for an adult Bullboxer which might not have undergone the right training to be well-socialized can bring problems especially when the pet parent already has other pets living in the home.

8. They Need To Be Groomed Once A Week And Require fewer Baths

They are moderate shedders despite having a short coat and will require a good grooming session once a week. They will probably lose more fur in the Spring, from April through May, so it may be a good idea to brush them once or twice a week during these periods. Again since they have short coats they are not heavy shedders and do not require a lot of baths. Hard to believe but a bath every once in a month is more than enough to keep the dog’s skin clean. Doing this will help keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy, and the hairs out of your carpet. They will also need their ears checked monthly, either at the vet or with a reputable groomer.

Don’t forget to trim your pet’s nails to keep them from splitting or cracking. See to it the proper diet for a pitbull boxer mix is given to it. Maintain the boxer pitbull hybrids compact physique by giving it high-quality dry dog food. A protein-rich diet is vital for healthy bones and joints and a regular intake of fish oil can help with keeping the Pit Boxers skin, heart, joints, and kidneys healthy.

You need to cut your dog’s nails at least two times a month to prevent any health issues. A lot of dog owners do not do it at all, so, you want to cut their nails, clean their ears, and do not forget to give them a bath.

9. They Can Be Fed Dry, Canned, Semi-Moist, and Frozen Dog Foods

Pitbull Boxer Mix Dog EnjoyingIf you are confused with what to feed it or the types of food it needs there are various suggestions to pick from. You could go for dry dog food or kibbles. These in particular have low moisture content and contain mixers or flakes as its ingredients. The advantage of this type of dog food is mainly how long you can store it in a dry container without the use of a refrigerator or it going bad. There is no need for any sort of cooking or preparation. Also, the nature of this food and how crunchy it is is a good form of exercising their jaws and improving their teeth hygiene.  Be Careful though on the type of dry food or kibble you purchase as some contain little to no nutritional value as well as being unhealthy.   Our recommendation for healthy dog kibble is the Hungry Bark brand.

Another variety in their foods is the canned dog foods. These are found in cans or foil trays. The canned dog foods have this moist, soggy, and easy chew texture to it. An ideal source of food for dogs especially with poor a record of dental health and older dogs. The canned dog foods are however a bit expensive and have a long shelf life as compared to the other forms of dog foods. Mind you it is necessary to cook this kind of food. Look out for the water content when purchasing one of these as the higher the water content the fewer nutritional values it will contain so make sure to get those with more nutritional value.

The frozen foods are usually raw and they are frozen to simply prevent bacteria from growing. This is the healthiest type that can be given to the Pitoxer. It is costly and for it to last longer, that is for two to three days or at most 4 days it needs to be stored in a refrigerator. It takes longer to prepare this food as you would have to handle the food safely, clean the utensil the Pitbull Boxer Mix uses and keep your hands clean to observe hygiene.

Lastly is the Semi-Moist dog food. This is usually in sachet packaging so it is more of a treat than a meal for your dog. They look like pellets and have a chewy texture. Also has the least required nutritional value meaning it can’t stand alone as a meal and the other dog foods are needed.

10. They Have A Tendency To Be Overweight

Big breeds like the Pitbull Boxer Mix need four to five cups of dry dog food a day split into two or three meals. If your dog has an average level of activeness they would need around 1500 to 1600 calories a day. You have to regulate the amount of food given to your dogs because this crossbreed tends to gain weight quickly. Aside from food make sure your Pitbull Boxer Mix has clean drinking water at all times.

11. They Can Be Found In Rescue Shelters Or Purchased From Breeders

Are you getting more sure that you can handle this breed whether it’s a puppy or full-grown then the next step is to do some research on where to get your box of pitbull hybrid? You can either buy a puppy from a reputable breeder or adopt an older pitoxer from a trusted shelter. Pitbull Boxer mix puppies for sale may cost about $500 to $1,000 each.

Before you hand over your hard-earned money, better do your research about the breeder, the puppy’s parents and the puppies’ living conditions. Aside from seeing proof that the Pitbull Boxer Mix’s puppy was recently health screened and that both the parents and their litters have their health clearances as well, you should also observe the temperament of the puppy and its spirits. If you notice any signs of aggression or even fear then it’s time to say no thank you.

12. They Also Have Health Issues

The Pitbull Boxer Mix is generally a healthy breed as both pure breeds are and can live for up to 14 years and longer as this depends on how much you invest in it and how well you cater for this breed. Having said that, it is always worth being informed on any potential health issues this breed can develop so here are the ones your dog can be prone to:

  • Cancer: While the majority of Boxers are healthy, they are at risk of cancer called hemangiosarcoma which occurs in the blood vessels cells. Though difficult to detect there are signs such as weakness, a bloated abdomen, difficulty breathing, and weight loss.
  • Heart Disease: The Boxer is prone to a heart problem called aortic stenosis which the dog is born in most cases. This disease causes the narrowing of the aortic valve which puts pressure on the heart. Symptoms included are rapid breathing or difficulty breathing, sudden loss of consciousness, and congestive heart failure.
  • Hip dysplasia: This condition is a result of malformation of the hip joint where the hip is unstable or loose in the socket. The Orthopaedic Foundation for animals shows that this condition occurs in both breeds, although Pitbulls are more susceptible. Severe cases can lead to arthritic joints and lameness.
  • Allergies: The Pitoxer is also susceptible to various allergies however, those can be treated with antihistamines. And in a situation where you find skin irritation, you can use specific shampoos designed for sensitive skin.

Watch Video: Pitbull Boxer Mix Training

Tips For First Time Bullboxer Pit Owners:

Well, if you have other dogs around, you want to make sure that these dogs are vaccinated and dewormed. If you’re introducing your BullBoxer to an older dog, maybe carrying some diseases that the new puppy can catch. The older dogs may show no sign of any underlying sickness but the puppy would if it gets infected by the older dog.

Also, we recommend that you avoid dog parks when it comes to the Bullboxer Pit. Dog parks are a recipe for disaster, when you go there, your dog could get infected with a disease from other dogs. Also, they tend to learn bad social skills if they haven’t had the right training. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t socialize your dog to a new situation. You definitely want to socialize your dogs but dog parks aren’t the place to start from.

When it comes to Bullboxer Pit, you have to understand that they learn at different paces. Some Pitoxers tend to be barking shy with people and other dogs. Also, they can be nervous when introduced to a new environment.

Generally, you want to make sure that you check the health problems of the dog, you can do that by taking a look at the history of the dog’s parents. Do not forget to visit the vet regularly, I mean it doesn’t matter if your dog looks like in tip-top shape than it’s ever been, muscular, or shiny. Regardless of how they may look, make sure that you visit the veterinary often. Make sure to get them an insurance plan too if possible.

From all that’s been said I believe there’s enough information here to ease your decision in getting the Pitbull Boxer Mix. Due to its stable personality, it will be of good use as a guard dog or a family dog. They can be rough around the edges but with careful, firm, and consistent training as well as making it familiar with close relatives, and it would be the most well-behaved dog you could ever get.

Although it might have a couple or more health issues, they are not so much as to give any pet owner any difficulty unless for one reason or the other the pet owner just does not have time on their hands. Also, just like every other dog, the owner and the environment has the most influence on how the dog turns out.

All in all, it’s a great dog that can live up to the “Man’s Best Friend” title and will be your money’s worth. I hope you found this article on the Pitbull boxer mix helpful. If you did, do not forget to hit the like button. Also, share this with other mixed breed lovers just like you, and do not forget to comment down below if you have any questions or contributions.




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