October 21

What Should I Do When My Dog Eats Glass?


Dogs aren’t known to typically eat glass, but they may mistakenly ingest it from time to time. For example our dog took a bite out of a Christmas ornament that had fallen to the ground and it wasn’t pretty. While a dog chewing on a cigarette is scary enough, a dog that eats glass is on another level.

As you can imagine, there are numerous likely ways that dogs may unintentionally end up swallowing glass. If your dog accidentally swallows tiny pieces of glass, they will usually pass through his or her system without a problem. And in many cases the dog might realize that it is chewing on glass and decide to spit it out before actually swallowing it. Although, if your dog really does end up swallowing glass and it eats large shards, this is a serious problem that could create real health issues for your pooch.

What Can I Do If My Dog Swallowed Glass?

Are you 100% positive that your dog has swallowed glass? If so, you need to look inside of your dog’s mouth, on its tongue, and on its lips to see if you can discover any blood. This will be a sign that your dog has been cut by the glass. Pay close attention to any and all places that may have been cut by glass. Afterward, make it a point to call the veterinarian to let him or her know about the problem.

For the most part, veterinarians aren’t going to ask you to induce vomiting if your dog has swallowed glass. Vomiting up glass could cause more harm than good and create more cuts and damage on the way up and out.

More than likely, your vet will tell you to buy canned pumpkin, mashed potatoes, or a piece of bread and give it to your dog. These food substances will likely enclose the glass in your dog’s system and prevent it from further injuring your pup as it goes through its digestive tract. When this happens, the glass will often pass through the digestive system without any unwanted difficulties.

The veterinarian may also ask you to focus on looking for signs to see if your dog is having any intestinal tract issues. The signs and symptoms of intestinal tract problems include:

  • blood in the stool
  • swelling and pain in the abdomen
  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • constipation

If you dog experiences any of these symptoms it means that he or she may have an intestinal blockage or a puncture wound. If your furry friend presents any of these symptoms for any reason, you need to contact your veterinarian right away. You are dealing with an emergency medical situation and it needs to be treated as such. To repair the damage, your dog may even need to undergo surgery.

We pray that your dog doesn’t swallow glass anytime soon, but if he or she does we hope the situation turns out okay.


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