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Everything You Need to Know about Corgi Puppies


In the United States, corgis have reached the height of popularity. These puppies are amazingly cute and adorable! Nevertheless, we all understand that when you get a new puppy it’s going to be a major responsibility. So, you have to take a moment to discover everything you can about the particular breed before undergoing the adoption process.

These dogs have an amazing history and a wonderful personality. Because of this, they are an excellent companion for families.

Is adopting a corgi puppy something you’ve always dreamed about? Take a moment to discover the truth about this exciting breed of dog and find out everything that they have to offer you and your loved ones.

Corgis Come in Two Types

 You may not have known that there are actually two different types of corgis.  Out of the two breeds, they have histories that are quite different from one another.

As an example, most people have Queen Elizabeth II spring to mind when they consider the Pembroke Welsh corgi. She loves corgis and always has them, so in England they are now considered a national treasure.

Cardigan Welsh corgis also exist and they are quite different from the other breed.

Here’s a brief look at both breeds.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

 As mentioned, the Pembroke Welsh corgi is absolutely loved and adored by Queen Elizabeth II.  While she was the queen, she had more than 30 of these corgis during that time. Originally used to herd cattle, this breed is smart, active, and well-rounded. Even though it’s a smaller dog, they even use it to herd sheep and other animals.

Also, the small dog has a very strong disposition and sense of physical strength. It was originally bred in Pembrokeshire in Wales, and it’s considered one of the smallest dogs for herding cattle in existence.

More often than not,  the Cardigan Welsh corgi is larger and longer than the Pembroke Welsh corgi.  In fact, the Pembroke Welsh version actually looks more like a fox than anything else. Their tails are shorter than the other corgi, and some of these pups actually end up getting their tails docked. They claim that this is tradition, but there isn’t any real reason or purpose to dock the tail.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Out of the two breeds of corgis that we are talking about today, the Cardigan Welsh corgi is the older one. The Celtic warrior tribes brought this dog’s ancestors to Wales many centuries ago.  But this particular breed is known to be around 300 years old. 

It’s easy to notice the difference between Pembroke Welsh corgis and Cardigan Welsh corgis because of their tail length. The cardigan has a much longer tail. And many see this dog and believe it looks like the sleeve of a cardigan sweater.

Many moons ago, these exciting cattle driving dogs would bring sheep and other cattle to market. Their coat length is medium and it consists of a wide range of varying colors. Some of the colors in their coat include brindle, blue, black, and red. And many of these dogs commonly have white markings on their bodies as well.

Wonderful Corgi Traits

Wonderful Corgi Traits

As you’ll learn, corgis have beautiful personalities and many other traits that make them the ideal addition to every family. We will take a look at many of these corgi traits, and you can determine why people have fallen in love with these dogs, including the queen of England.

Even Keeled Temperament

Are you looking to bring a new puppy into your family? The corgi is an excellent dog to fall in love with.

These adorable canines are a lot to love, they enjoy spending time with their family a.k.a. their pack, and they have lots of affection that they can’t wait to share with you.

These dogs do not have aggressive tendencies and they aren’t very assertive, so you don’t have to worry about them being overly aggressive. But they aren’t going to be a pushover either because these dogs are quite fearless, so it will take some getting used to in order to properly manage and take care of them. They are curious and often find themselves in trouble from time to time.

 Generally speaking, corgis are lovable and fun and they are a great dog to have roaming around the house.  They also have personalities that are very playful, so you can play fetch with your dog and he will gladly play with you wagging his tail the entire time.

It’s also very easy to train corgis. They are quite smart, and if you start training them from an early age, you’ll have no trouble in this regard.

Grooming Is Easy

Grooming Is Easy

As your corgi reaches adulthood, grooming your dog becomes very easy and it’s simple to take care of them. Mainly, the most important thing to do is brush the dog regularly. This will keep their first shiny, healthy, and looking good for many years. By regularly brushing its hair, you will also prevent tangling and matting from happening. So, the dog requires some grooming, but it doesn’t need to happen excessively which is good because it will help you save time.

Although they are small dogs, corgis tend to shed a lot. They have a double coat which is really thick, which means they have a lot of hair to shed. If you prefer keeping your home very neat and tidy, you might not desire having a dog breed that sheds so much.

You’ll recognize lots of shedding a few times each year and you’ll have a great deal of fur flying around your house. So, you’ll have to clean regularly with the vacuum, but if you keep up on brushing your pooch you can prevent the shedding from getting out of control. Even so, you’ll always have to deal with some hair and it will get on your furniture and clothes no matter how much you happen to brush your dog.

As mentioned, if you aren’t big on dog hair getting on your stuff, you might prefer another breed. And remember to pick your dog up a dog bed to prevent it from sleeping on your bed and causing excess shedding on your sheets and comforter.

They Are Bundles of Energy

When you look at a corgi, you likely believe that it’s really small and you’ll feel that too much exercise isn’t necessary. But the truth is nothing applies when you’re talking about a corgi. Because this dog needs massive amounts of physical activity to keep it happy during the day because it is such a huge ball of energy all the time.

Remember, this dog was bred to run and herd cattle. It needs to channel this energy and put it into something useful like exercise or playing with its owner. Otherwise, your dog is going to be miserable and we certainly don’t want that to happen.

Make it a point to take your dog for lots of walks from an early age. Let it outside and let it explore and roam around the house to keep it happy. An active corgi means a happy corgi. If you like to live an active lifestyle, then you’ll love exploring with your favorite pooch. And if you intend to keep your dog outside, put a dog house heater inside of its doghouse to help it stay warm during the cold winter months.

 Keep in mind that your corgi can exhibit destructive tendencies if it doesn’t get stimulation and exercise during the day.  So, when you leave the house, your corgi might start wrecking your stuff and chewing everything, which you obviously don’t want!

It’s best to hire a dog walker if you’ll be leaving the corgi home for long stretches at a time by itself. This will allow your dog time outside to get exercise and fresh air, which will certainly keep him or her be happy.

Mental stimulation is an absolute must with corgi pups. Teach it tricks, train the dog, and allow it to sniff everything to its heart’s desire. Your dog will become mentally tired after performing all of these activities, which will prevent boredom throughout the day. This will prevent bad or destructive behaviors from becoming the norm as well. Train your dog for 20 minutes at a time and it will have an easier time chilling out afterward.

Other Corgi Traits to Consider

As you can tell, many corgis have lots of positive traits. We’ve shared some of them above. But they will have other traits for you to learn about and discover as well. And many of these traits should be taken into consideration before adopting this dog. They aren’t necessarily good or bad traits, but they are traits a corgi has.

They Nip at People

These dogs get along well with other animals including other dogs and small children too. But if you do not train the dog it will nip at other people and animals. So, you should make sure your corgi is around lots of people and young children and other animals from an early age. This will teach them to develop good behaviors from the beginning.

Additionally, teach young children that they must respect the space of their corgi dog.  Using the best techniques to introduce a baby to a dog is critical as well.  Make sure the young child is gentle around the dog, because this will prevent nipping from happening. The dogs tend to nip when they feel overwhelmed or scared, so calmness is paramount and definitely beneficial. Everyone will remain happy, including the corgi, if the dog has a dedicated space to itself to spend time and when the house is busy and noisy.

They Are Territorial Dogs

They Are Territorial Dogs

Even though it’s a small dog, don’t be surprised to learn that your corgi is territorial and protects its family. They are excellent watchdogs as well. This means that if danger is around, they will let you know about it.

On the negative side, this instinct makes these dogs territorial. They may give strangers a problem when they come to visit. So, provide your dog with entertainment and something to chew on when other outsiders are around.

Like with young children, teach your pup to be friendly around people from a young age. Let it socialize with other animals and human beings regularly to instill this good trait within. If you aren’t going to train your dog, this might not be the best breed for you to adopt. And some corgis just can’t seem to get over their territorial leanings no matter how hard you train them.

They Tend to Bark a Great Deal

As I said, this is a great watchdog because it’s alert and it barks a lot. But the barking can get a little nerve-racking because it happens all day long.  If something goes running through your yard or flies past the window, the corgi is going to react and certainly tell you about it. 

At a young age, it’s best to try and train the corgi pup to limit the amount of barking that it does. You can keep it in rooms or places that do not provide excess stimulus. If it’s in the home, make sure to keep the curtains closed if you don’t want to hear loud barking. But these dogs like to bark and it might not be a habit that you can fix through training.

The Best Way to Adopt or Buy a Corgi Puppy

You’ve learned a lot about corgis in this article. And you may have liked what you read and want to add one to your household. Where do you go to find one?

You have a few options that you can try.

For starters, go to the local shelter to see if any corgi puppies are available to adopt. Shelter dogs sometimes get put to sleep if they do not find an owner, so you’ll be saving a life if you can find your corgi in a shelter.

Believe it or not, this dog isn’t a very common breed. Finding one in the shelter might be hard to do. You’ll probably find an adult corgi before you find a puppy.

Next, consider using the Internet to your advantage.  Use online resources from organizations that make it possible to adopt rescue dogs.  You can find dogs for adoption on forums, organizational websites, Facebook pages and groups, and other areas where it might be possible to adopt a dog.

Lastly, if you’re really struggling to find a corgi to adopt, you can always contact a breeder to buy one. This isn’t the worst thing in the world because you’ll have the ability to choose the dog that you end up falling in love with.

For those going down this road, make sure the breeder is trustworthy and reputable. Some puppy mills, dog breeders, and pet shops tend to mistreat their puppies, which is so sad and frustrating. You do not want to support these awful people and organizations.

You’ll have to perform some research to find a reputable breeder and this will take time. You shouldn’t rush the process though. Either use the Internet to the best of your ability, or contact people you know to see if you can get a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Once you find a breeder, visit their premises. Take a look around, talk to the breeder, and see if the animals are being cared for properly. Make sure the person you talk to appears trustworthy and experienced.

At the end of the day, you want to take home a healthy and happy corgi pup. You want one that will socialize well. Breeders who hide dogs and do not allow people to see them usually have something else to hide as well.

Corgi pups need to be vaccinated. You should also give it a physical before bringing it home. The breeder should provide certification for the dog as well, which you want to get a hold of before taking it home.

Otherwise, enjoy your beautiful life with your fun-loving furry new friend!


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