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Best Small Dog Breeds


While there may be a number of factors to consider in choosing the right dog, for many of you finding one within the small dog breed category will prove to be a good choice. While this may be true, another question can quickly arise, “What classifies a dog as being a part of the small dog breed category?” Simply put, the dog must measure less than 16 inches tall from the ground to the shoulder and weigh less than 22 pounds. A number of great choices within this category exist, and a number of great reasons to choose one of these go along with it.

Advantages of choosing a small dog

Advantages of choosing a small dog

Let’s face it – small dogs are cute. Their eyes are inviting, and excitement about their owner and life is extremely fascinating. A small dog has a tendency to be easier to keep around the house. This is especially true for smaller homes and apartments. Many apartments have a policy that would actually exclude a large dog from living in your residence.

Smaller dogs will also prove to save you money as well. This is true in the area of food and heartworm medicine. Obviously food is a requirement for the dog, but many of you may not know that to properly take care of your dog, you would need to buy him heartworm medicine regularly. The cost of the medicine varies depending on the weight of your dog.

One of the great benefits of going with the small dog breed is that, generally speaking, you will have your small dog with you for a number of years more than you would if you chose a large dog. The bigger the dog, the shorter its life is.

For those of you who have children, there may be less worry about a small dog knocking over your children by accident. Big dogs can be very friendly and don’t mean any harm when walking through the home and bumping into people. However, if you have a little two year old cruising through the living room at the same time as your full grown lab, that may cause quite the collision.

So why don’t we take a better look at the dogs themselves. I’ve put them into some different categories in an attempt to help you narrow down your search. However, keep in mind that the dogs listed under each category may carry over into other categories as well (for example, a dog may be a great family dog and also be cute, or a dog may be cute and also easy to groom, etc.).

Great family dogs

Great family dogs

Choosing the right dog for the family is important. Different areas of consideration arise if you live by yourself or if you are married. Even more factors are to be taken into consideration if you have children in the home. Bearing in mind little children especially, choosing the right dog breed is an important component in owning a dog.

1) French Bulldog– Surprisingly enough, the French bulldog is a great family dog – one of the best even. It truly loves its family, grown-ups and kids alike. Don’t let the appearance or the name fool you into passing by this great option as a heart-warming and home-warming selection. It may not be able to compete against some of the others on this list on the cuteness scale, but nevertheless its heart will soon win you over.

2) Yorkshire Terrier– Here is a great all around dog. More than just good for lounging around the house and looking cute, these dogs were bred to herd sheep. This little energetic pup will be great both indoors and out. This is a terrific family dog that will prove to be able to keep up in the yard as well.

3) Beagle– The beagle is a great family dog choice to have around all types of ages. He will prove to be both loyal and loving at the same time. He may have a tendency to bark more than some others on this list, but for some that may not be a bad thing. He was bred as a hunting dog, and his personality comes from this line. He loves activity, and a great benefit of this kind of dog is that he will love to play with you and your family as well.

4) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel– This could possibly be the best family dog on this list. The Cavalier King is very small and innocent and loves its family. It is good with the older and the younger age groups, and it will even prove to take some rough play from the kids while continuing to respond with licks. He has floppy, adorable ears that are furry and welcoming. His head is tiny, furry, and perfect for petting. He loves to play but will also love to cuddle.

Cute dogs

Cute dogs

For some of you, finding the cutest dog possible may be at the top of your list. I don’t blame you. A good-looking dog can bring great joy to its owner, especially when this dog is coupled with being loving. As a result, this list would not be complete without careful consideration regarding what some of the cutest small dog breeds are.

1) Bichon Frise– These are amazingly cute little dogs. They are soft, furry, and extremely cuddly. They are happy and playful, and they are hard to beat when it comes down to finding an adorable dog. The bichon frise can be allowed to have his hair grown long or trimmed, but either way his look is beautiful. This dog may bark at times, but is a smart selection that should respond well to training.

2) Maltese– It is also hard to beat the Maltese for the top spot on a list of cutest dogs. If you are not ready to buy a dog, I’ll warn you – you may not want to see a picture of this one. If you do, you may end up buying him. His look is unique, cute, and inviting. The dog looks innocent and in need of love and care. He has a medium-length coat that sits very nicely on his body and is perfectly proportionate. Not a part of his body or coat looks out of place or odd. The Maltese is a flawless picture of what adorable looks like in real life.

3) Miniature American Eskimo– Here’s a dog with an appealing, unique look. One look at the American Eskimo’s astonishingly white and fluffy coat will make you a lover of this breed. The breed itself has been bred in the various sizes of large, small, and toy to fit the owner’s personal preference. These dogs are not only nice to look at but also will surely be a sweet and loyal companion to its owner.

4) Pug– The pug has a look that resembles the bulldog but, due to its smaller face and build, has an appearance which some would deem to be cuter. This is a very nice and playful breed that will also be great around the family and the kids. This dog is oftentimes more on the quieter side, which could be an important point to consider. This dog should be provided with a regular source of water and not driven too hard in the heat as it is prone to wheezing.

Popular dogs

Finding the right dog for you can be approached in a somewhat similar fashion to finding the right product on Amazon. So often the way to go about making a safe purchase is by looking to see what others are buying. With that being said, the following are some great popular options.

1) Corgi– The corgi is a very popular dog for good reason. It has a great look and is a very good family dog. Corgis are extremely intelligent and can learn commands quickly. Corgis are a breed of dog that was bred to herd sheep and drive cattle. These dogs are extremely loyal and, despite their small size, will double as a great guard dog. The corgi is low to the ground, stalky, and strong.

2) Miniature Dachshund– This dog is a very popular choice among many, and one of the reasons for this is its uniquely small and long body shape. Resembling a hot dog, the miniature dachshund is like no other but will rival the other breeds in its love and affection toward its owner. They can have a tendency to bark some, but often this is more playful than anything. Unlike some other breeds, considerable variation can be found in their coats, and the different looks will prove to appeal to a wider audience.

3) Boston Terrier– The Boston terrier is typically found with a combination of black and white on its coat. He is a playful and loving dog much like many of the others. Like the pug, this dog breed is prone to wheezing, and the owner should make sure the dog has a steady supply of water and is not driven too hard in the heat of summer. The Boston terrier has long pointy ears and a somewhat wrinkly face that resembles a pug or bulldog.

4) Shih Tzu– The Shih Tzu is another great, cute, and loyal companion. The look of this dog is unique and outstanding. Originally, this breed was formed to accompany kings in their palaces. Now this beloved animal is the favorite dog breed of many and, as a result, is found in many homes. The coat is long and silky, and the tail can have a tendency to form an umbrella-like spread at its end.

Shed-free dogs

Shed-free dogs

Some of you may not have experienced what it’s like to have a dog in your home that sheds in the summer. Or maybe you have. Regardless, come summer time, there are certain dogs that will leave more hair behind in your home than others. Taking this into consideration is important, and the following will be a good guide to get you started if a hairless home is important to you.

1) Poodle-This is a great hypoallergenic choice for many families. Unfortunately, allergies can sometimes restrict families from owning a dog, but the poodle is a great solution to that problem. Throughout the summer months, this faithful pup will keep his coat, so your sofas, floors, and tables will be free from the dog’s hair.

2) Brussels Griffon– Here is a dog that is hard to fit into just one category. The Brussels Griffon makes a great family dog and will prove to be a great choice for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is because it will leave your home clean and free of hair. The Brussels Griffon has an oddly cute look to it as its teeth often protrude from its mouth with long, almost whiskery-looking hair protruding from its face.

3) Scottish Terrier– The Scottish terrier is another cute-looking dog that is placed in the shed-free category because of the minimal amount of attention it will need come summertime. It has pretty little furry face that will make you want to give it a hug.

4) Bolognese– This is another very small dog that will take up minimal space in your home. He has an appealing feathery white fur that will make for great hugs. You will need to brush him regularly, while at the same time he will not shed in the summer.

In conclusion

Choosing the right dog can be hard. What makes it even harder is that there are so many good options out there. I would imagine that, as a result, there isn’t just one good pick for you, but many. With that being said, hopefully this quick list and summary has helped in some way. A number of factors arise that should be carefully considered in choosing the right dog. Nevertheless a small dog will prove to save you money in the long run, will be easier to keep inside, and will generally outlive the larger dog breeds. Have fun as you find your new furry companion!


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