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Pet Plate Review


What makes PetPlate stand out is that they make a point to ensure that all of their dog food is minimally processed and that they customize the food to your dogs. All you need to get started is to type in your dog’s name. If you have more than one, they let you add the other names onto your account page once you check out.

So far, there are definitely more PetPlate Pro’s than PetPlate Con’s. You also get to choose plans and recipes.  Their motto is that they don’t make dog food, instead they make food for dogs.  They are all prepared in USDA-human grade-kitchens hot-filled and very quickly frozen in order to ensure freshness.

PetPlate Pro’s
  • Their food is made with balanced blends of meat, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals without adding preservatives, gluten, artificial flavoring and colors.
  • Every meal is overseen by a licensed veterinary nutritionist
  • The containers are pre-portioned
  • The delivery options are flexible
  • The food is actually recognizable and doesn’t stink as much
  • The costs are relatively low
  • The site has their own blog. It includes articles such as how to work with your dog if it’s a pickier than picky eater. However, they don’t just include food. They also include ideas for monitoring your dog’s health in general and dog training.
PetPlate Con’s
  • The wrapped food tends to come in a box. I think that’s a little unnecessary since the foil-like packaging is waterproof and self-insulated. The good news is that the box and plastic containers can be recycled. However, unfortunately, there’s no way to recycle the insulation.

Other Features

-The Questionnaire

The initial questionnaire contains seven questions about your dog’s breed, age, weight, activities, etc. This is to help determine the right formula for your dog.

-A Little More on the Foil-Like Packaging

The foil-like packaging is resealable and defrosted leftovers are capable of staying fresh in a refrigerator for up to a week. However, please don’t leave it in room temperature for over two hours or it will go to waste.

The stuff that doesn’t have to be defrosted can last for up to year if well-refrigerated. However, the “best by” date is usually about eight months from the delivery time. I love this because it makes everything so much less wasteful and expensive.

-About the Deliveries

Once you set up your delivery schedule, they should keep coming on an ongoing basis. If you’re moving, going on vacation or need to change it for any other reason, that can easily be done on the website.

-Full Meals and Topper Plates Both Offered

Yet another advantage to doing business with PetPlate is that they have options for full meals and toppers.

How Much Does PetPlate Cost?

PetPlate Packaging

It depends on your dog and how much it eats. The reason for the questionnaire is that how much your dog eats depends on its size, weight and how active it is. Generally, the more active your dog is and the less it weighs, the cheaper your plan will be.

More Notes

We understand that it’s natural to feel doubtful about anything that appears radical and new. “How much does PetPlate cost?” was the first question on my mind. I’m more than familiar with the concept that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

However, I and most customers have experienced almost nothing but a breath of fresh air with PetPlate.  They’re even upfront with who their veterinary nutritionist is-Dr. Renee Streeter DVM.  All of the food is also made according to AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient profiles.

At the end of the questionnaire, you then have the opportunity to choose from the four recipes listed below. You also choose whether or not you want the full meal or a topper. If you’re not sure and would like for your dog to sample all four, toppers on all four is the best way to go. If you’re not satisfied with your first box, it comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Again, you can make updates on your account at any time.

Ingredients in the Four Main Flavors

-Lip Lickin’ Lamb

Just over 25 percent protein on dry matter, 40 calories per ounce

Main ingredients: Ground lamb, lamb liver, sweet potatoes, quinoa, apples, vitamins E and D3, parsley, salt, salmon oil, broccoli

-Tail Waggin’ Turkey

Almost 25 percent protein on dry matter, 38 calories per ounce

Main ingredients: Ground turkey, turkey liver, brown rice, carrots, apples, pumpkin, salt, salmon oil, vitamins E and D3, salt, salmon oil, copper gluconate, manganese gluconate, potassium iodide

-Chompin’ Chicken

35 percent protein on dry matter, 38 calories per ounce

Main ingredients: Ground chicken, chicken liver, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apples, safflower oil, vitamins E and D3, salmon oil, parsley, potassium chloride

-Barkin’ Beef

Just over 30 percent protein on dry matter, 41 calories per ounce

Main ingredients: Ground beef, beef liver, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green peas, apples, carrots, safflower and salmon oil, salt, vitamins E and D3, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide


Except for some of the packaging, I have almost nothing but good things to say about PetPlate. They are very upfront and honest about everything.

I can tell you that your dog’s health will thank you in the long run as well. They leave out all the preservatives and artificialness that’s notorious for making dogs sick and racking up expensive veterinary bills.

The smell can be a little overwhelming when you first open the package but it won’t stink up your whole kitchen.

Except with ones that have to be defrosted, and as long as you refrigerate it well, the leftovers time is great.

I particularly like the fact that they also have their own blog and that it’s not exclusively on dog food topics. It shows that they actually have passion for dogs and respect for the holistic and loyal beings that they are.


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