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50 Dog Names Inspired by Coffee


Do you love the pungent aroma of high-quality coffee? Do you enjoy the delectable flavors that it provides? If you love everything about coffee, then you’ve definitely found the right place to discover a new name for your pet.

So, you’ve brought home a brand-new pup but haven’t figured out what you should name him or her just yet. Maybe you’d like to name your dog something related to coffee? It might be the perfect type of name for your fun-loving pooch!

Who wouldn’t love giving their dog a coffee inspired name?

If this sounds somewhat appealing to you, please keep reading because we compiled a list of names that we believe you’ll absolutely adore.

Below, you’ll discover amazing coffee inspired names for girls and boys. Pour yourself your favorite cup of Joe and kickback to discover some incredible dog names that you’re bound to love.

Male Dog Names Inspired by Coffee

Male Dog Names Inspired by Coffee

Do you have a boy puppy or dog in need of a name? This is going to be the perfect list to meet your needs. One of these names is likely to pique your imagination and feel like the ideal fit for your handsome pooch.

Breve – this coffee inspired name is a little bit different. If you’ve never had it, it’s like cappuccino but instead of using milk they actually steam cream to build a thick foam. It’s very creamy on top and quite tasty. Italians love this coffee favorite of theirs, but you’ll find it served in many different locations. In some cases, a sweetener is served with this coffee, but it has a rich flavor, so many people feel the sweetener isn’t necessary. Cream-colored male dogs are a perfect match for this name!

Cappuccino – at this point, everybody pretty much loves delectable tasting rich Italian cappuccino. The steamed milk and espresso go together like peanut butter and jelly. And when you look at the foam in many of the trendier coffeehouses, you’ll see a beautiful artistic design within. If you enjoy drinking cappuccinos, or you happen to have an Italian breed, calling him by this name might be a great idea!

Ristretto – this coffee drink is a style of Italian espresso. The word ristretto actually means restricted in Italian. Basically, by calling it ristretto, they are saying it should be a short drink, not a tall one. It really doesn’t mean that the drink needs to be restricted. When made, they usually incorporate fewer grounds and less hot water, but the concentrated coffee drink is also much sweeter because of it. Do you have a sweet, short pooch in your life? Naming him ristretto might make sense if it’s a Toy Fox Terrier, a Yorkie, or a Dachshund.

Dunkin – as much as people love dunking donuts into their coffee, they also enjoy getting a tasty coffee treat from Dunkin! This famous coffee and doughnut franchise might be the next best name for your beloved pup.

Mazargan – this ice coffee hails from Algeria originally, but Portugal has truly adopted it as its own and made it famous. The ingredients consist of ice, lemon, espresso, and brown sugar. But there are other variations of this recipe, and one of them even includes rum! If you like iced coffee with a sweet taste, and you have a sweet boy in need of a name, you might find this to be the perfect choice!

Caramel – rich tasting caramel flavored coffee is a very popular treat these days. When you put it in your coffee, it adds the right touch of sweetness. If you have a caramel-colored dog with a sweet disposition, this is the perfect name.

Cortado – this Spanish coffee drink is very popular. You’ll discover it in many cafés all around the world. It’s a combination of steamed milk and espresso that they froth in a way that turns it into micro foam. When you get this drink in Spain, you can have your choice of the milk being cold or hot or even condensed. If you have a Spanish breed dog, Cortado seems like it could be a great name for the little guy!

Brewer – if you love making coffee, then you may just want to name your dog Brewer because it could be an excellent fit. This feels like a good name for one of the bigger dogs like a St. Bernard or a Neapolitan mastiff.

Venti – this is one of the most popular sizes of coffee at Starbucks, which stands for 20 ounces, because Venti means 20 in Italian. You may want to choose this name for a large dog, because it seems like it would be a great fit for a Great Dane. Or, you can go the other way and give this name to a tiny dog like a Chihuahua or a Yorkie as a cute joke.

Mocha – the combination of chocolate and coffee becomes a delectable mocha drink. Combining these two ingredients makes a delicious caffeinated beverage. It also makes an excellent name if you have a chocolate lab with a rich brown coat. Or, if you just happen to love mocha coffee, this would make a great name for your male dog.

Female Dog Names Inspired by Coffee

Dog Names Inspired by Coffee

Vienna – this is a type of traditional coffee that’s very popular and began getting big recognition in the 1970s. It’s a combination of cream and black coffee, but some people add other flavors like chocolate to it. It’s a great name for a sophisticated female dog.

Java – the name Java is another way to describe coffee, but the origin comes from the island of Java. In the 1600s, the Dutch went to Southeast Asia and brought coffee with them. They found an island there and started planting coffee during this visit. As you can imagine, the island they used to plant the coffee was the island of Java! If you have a girl canine, this name is a beautiful choice.

Kaldi – you’re probably not too familiar with this name, but if you’re a coffee history buff it may have some recognition for you. This name is actually the name of a goatherder who is believed to have first discovered the coffee plant. This name is really unique and cute, so we think it would be an excellent choice for a girl dog.

Sugar – this may not be an actual name of coffee, but the sweetener is definitely a big part of the coffee drinking experience nonetheless. And if you have a girl dog with a sweet disposition who also happens to look adorable, then you’ll certainly want to call your sweet little girl Sugar. Obviously, the name works better for dogs with light colored fur.

Kona – as you may or may not know, Kona is the name of an actual place in Hawaii. But it definitely has roots in the world of delectable coffee. In fact, the coffee from Kona is world-renowned and they grow it in the area located between two different volcanoes on the Hawaiian big Island. Between the two volcanoes, the overall environment is perfect for growing fantastic coffee. The afternoons have clouds and rain and very little wind. And the nights are very mild. But the morning is perfect, because the area is really sunny. By combining all of these factors, you get the very distinctive and amazing taste of Kona coffee. And it also makes a really cute name for a female dog!

Chai – when the word chai comes to mind, the majority of people think of a tea beverage. But believe it or not, there is a way to combine chai with espresso that makes another very tasty coffee related treat. Even better, this is a great name for a girl pooch because it has a really nice ring to it.

Borgia – you most likely think of the Borgias from Italy whenever you first hear this name. But this is also the name of a delectable Italian coffee drink made with citrus, whipped cream, hot cocoa, and espresso. And if you have a dog with an Italian breed like a Bracco or a Cane Corso, this dog name definitely fits!

Cocoa – as far as coffee related drinks are concerned, cocoa is definitely a popular ingredient. It provides a chocolatey sweet flavor that everybody seems to love. And if you have a dark brown dog of the female persuasion, or even a light brown dog, calling her Cocoa is certainly a fun idea.

Latte – millions of people love drinking café lattes every day because it has a mellow and sweet taste and its delectable coffee to say the least. Add a shot of espresso to about 6 ounces of steamed milk and you’ll have a foamy and frothy sweet tasting drink that you’ll absolutely die for. Or, lattes without the foam are known as a flat white. So, if you have a white dog like a Pomeranian, ChowChow, or Poodle you may want to name her Latte.

Dog Names with Coffee Themes

Dog Names with Coffee Themes

Are you still looking for the perfect name for your female dog? Coffee themed names are a great option for boys and girls alike.

Affrogato – this Italian word actually means drowned. But, in the context of coffee, this is basically a dessert that is coffee based. Typically, it’s a combination of gelato covered with a shot of espresso. Or some people cover vanilla ice cream with espresso to make an affrogato. If this is a favorite coffee related dessert that you love, you should consider naming your girl or boy dog after it.

Vanilla – obviously, vanilla’s an ingredient that many people put in coffee. It’s also a really cute name for a girl dog. You could even shorten it to Nilla as a nickname.

Joe – even though this is technically a boy’s name, many people like drinking their morning cup of Joe. But you can also name your dog Josephine, Joanna, Joey, or even Bobby Jo or Mary Jo. There are so many Joe combinations for you to consider.

Moccona – a Dutch company makes this brand of coffee. They blended Robusta and Arabica coffee beans together to make a rich and fruity flavored coffee drink. This is also a truly amazing name for your female fur baby!

Freddo – this is a cold espresso mixed Italian coffee. It also gets served in a shot glass in case you’re wondering. And it’s a great name for boy dogs too!

Corretto–the Italians really love their coffee, but this particular Italian word stands for corrected. Basically, this is a combination of espresso and a shot of your favorite booze! It makes a cute dog name too.

Guillermo – in French, the name Guillermo is another way of saying William. The coffee version of this name is serving slices of lime covered with two shots of espresso. If you like different types of coffee and unique names, this is a good name for your male dog.

Crema – this is another way to call everyone’s favorite Italian drink, espresso. It focuses on the light colors and the cream within the coffee drink. And it makes a really nice name for a girl dog to boot.

Lait – this is the French word for milk and it’s pronounced lay. Ever heard of café au lait? That’s a fancy name for milk and coffee. It’s also an amazing name for a boy or girl dog with light colored fur.

Bombon – it’s a kind of espresso that’s combined with condensed sweetened milk. It’s a rich and tasty treat and also the perfect name for your sweet boy or girl dog.

The Perfect Coffee Themed Names for Dog Lovers

Capucine – although it sounds very close to cappuccino, this cute name actually means nasturtium. I also think it has a nice ring to it and it’s a great name for a loving dog.

Kahlua –in many cups of coffee, Kahlua is actually a key ingredient. It works so well with all types of coffee that you can use it in any of them. It’s a pretty name to boot!

Cherry – did you know that coffee plants have berries on them that are actually cherries? It’s very confusing to say the least. The cherries themselves are what actually contain the various coffee beans, so you need them to have your morning cup of Joe! Calling your dog Cherry is also a really cute name. This is especially true if you have an energetic and hyperactive dog!

Maxwell– are you a big fan of Maxwell House coffee? Then you should consider naming your male dog after your favorite brand. You can even shorten it to Max.

Melitta– this name is actually the name of a company in Germany that makes coffee filters and coffee grinds. It also sounds like a very beautiful name for a female canine!

Bean – obviously, we wouldn’t have coffee if we didn’t have coffee beans. This name is so cute that it’s the perfect choice for your lovable pup, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Valencia – there is a coffee named Valencia mocha that has orange peels and mocha within. We think Valencia is a really wonderful dog name for a girl. Do you agree?

Coffea –this sounds like a really cute girl dog name. It’s also the name of the coffee plant genus. I like it for energetic dogs that seem too smart for their own good!

Star –try to guess where we came up with this name. If you guessedStarbucks, you’re 100% correct! You can name your dog Starbucks if you like, but we prefer shortening it and just choosing Star instead.

Coffee Bean Based Dog Names

Coffee Bean Based Dog Names

The next set of names are based on great tasting coffee beans.

Santos –this is the name of a Brazilian grown Arabica coffee bean. The name also stands for Saint. Is your dog as calm and poised as a saint? Then it may be a good name for your fur baby.

Mundo Novo –this is an Arabica coffee bean as well grown in different parts of Latin America. It’s a hybrid of the Typica and Bourbon beans. It’s also an outstanding name for a big dog too.

Arusha –this Arabica coffee bean grows gracefully in Papua, New Guinea and it makes an attractive name for a girl.

Bourbon –this Arabica coffee bean is successfully grown in Latin America and Rwanda. This one would work well for a girl or a boy, and it’s a good choice if you prefer coffee from this type of bean.

Arabica –at this point, it pretty much needs no explanation. But this particular bean is grown in Brazil. I think it’s a great name for boy or girl dogs. Anyone approve?

Brutte –India is the country of origin for this Arabica bean. It’s the ideal name for a male dog with a lot of attitude and spunk.

Geisha –Costa Rica is the country that grows the geisha arabica coffee bean. You’ll also find it being grown in Peru, Colombia, and Panama as well. It’s a pretty name for a girl dog if you ask me.

Bernardina –El Salvador grows this arabica coffee bean. Do you have a female St. Bernard? This is the perfect choice for such a beautiful furry lady!

Pacas –also an arabica bean, it’s grown throughout many parts of Latin America. It’s considered the Bourbon bean’s mutation. It also sounds like an amazing name for boy or girl dogs.

Robusta –this coffee bean creates coffee with a really strong taste and it’s grown in Vietnam. It’s an excellent name for strong dogs like an English mastiff, a Rottweiler, or something even bigger!

It’s our pleasure to bring these amazing coffee inspired dog names to you and we really hope you enjoyed them. Use these lists to find the perfect name for your loving pooch!


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