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The Truth About the Havachon


Truth About the HavachonBichon Frise & Havanese Mix

Are you on the verge of buying a Havachon dog? Maybe it’s the perfect fit for you. Or maybe it isn’t the exact type of dog that you happen to be looking for. You aren’t sure because you lack significant information.

Guess what? You found the right place if you’re trying to determine if this dog breed is the right choice to meet your needs. Within this guide, we will look at the Havachon and discuss things like a character and temperament, grooming requirements, its size, and its origins. As you make your way toward the end of the article, you’ll know whether or not the Havachon is the perfect dog for you and your loved ones.

The Origins of the Havachon

Are you trying to discover where the Havachon comes from? It’s actually a crossbreed and mix of the Bichon Frise and Havanese breeds of dogs. Most who own this dog feel that it looks a lot more like a Bichon as opposed to a Havanese. But the personality of the dog is much more Havanese than the personality of a Bichon Frise. So there’s certainly a bit of a trade-off in this regard.

At this moment, the American Kennel Club doesn’t officially consider the Havachon an official dog breed. But that doesn’t mean anything because this breed is incredibly popular and it looks like it will remain this way for many years to come. As a matter of fact, over the last 10 years the popularity of the Havachon has increased exponentially.

Moreover, this dog doesn’t shed a great deal and you can find it in a wide variety of colors which is certainly nice. Similar to the Bichon Frise, this dog shares the same allergies. Simply put, this dog is a mixture of the Bichon Frise and the Havanese.

The Expected Size of the Havachon

This dog isn’t very large to say the least. In fact, it’s actually on the small side, which shouldn’t surprise anyone since it is a mix of two small breeds including the Havanese and the Bichon Frise. More often than not, this dog will stand roughly 9-12 inches in height. And it typically weighs anywhere from 10-15 pounds in that ballpark. In some cases, it’s possible the dog might weigh more than the typical 10-15 pounds, and there are a number of different factors that can make this number fluctuate. But for the most part these little dogs weigh within the 10 to 15 pound range.

The length of the coat typically depends on the parents of the dogs. Some of these dogs have short hair or medium length hair. But remember, the genetics of the parents definitely play a major role in whether the dog has long or short hair.

The Character of the Havachon

Havachon DogThis dog is incredibly smart, which means you might find this intelligence good or bad, and I guess it all depends on the dog’s personality. It also depends on the owners, the situation that the dog will find itself in, and other factors.

As an example, these dogs have a tendency to be very stubborn at times. In fact, you can expect this dog to remain stubborn most of the time. So you’re going to work hard while training it. But it’s also a playful dog from an early age, which is certainly a nice thing as you can imagine.

Another character trait is this dog is often friendly and very affectionate, just like its parents. That’s why families are so enamored with these dogs, and they get along great with families with small children because these little dogs love small kids. The elderly tends to gravitate toward this dog as well because it’s caring, loving, and a great fit for anyone young and old.

The Temperament of the Havachon

You’ll be surprised to learn that this dog has massive amounts of energy even though it’s such a tiny little creature. Please remember, since this is a hybrid dog, it comes from two breeds that both have energy in mass abundance. And it comes from dogs that are happy and intelligent as well, which makes this a happy and intelligent dog too.

The Havachon likes using its brain to solve puzzles. It also likes to spend a great deal of time playing, exploring, and spending time with the family. Many of these dogs have a tendency to misbehave because they are stubborn and smart and think they rule the roost. In many instances, your dog is going to act like the alpha within the home. You have to strictly command your dog otherwise and remain calm at all times to show him or her who’s the boss.

The Activity Level of the Havachon

One of my favorite things about having a Havachon as a pet is that it doesn’t require lots of long walks each day. On the other hand, you will need to walk this dog once per day and when you do take it for a walk you should have it walking around for at least a half an hour or more. Give the dog plenty of time to run around and play, mix and mingle with other dogs, and ultimately get great exercise during its one walk per day.

It’s also important to give your dog plenty of room to play whenever you can. Make room in your house and allow your dog to run around and play lots of games. This dog has tons of energy as you’re about to find out, so you have to give it enough space to run around and burn off its energy each day.  If you do not make this commitment for your dog, you will have a miserable and unhappy pup and you should really avoid this dog if you aren’t going to give it enough time or room to burn off its energy. 

The Grooming Needs of the Havachon

You need to stay on top of the grooming requirements of your Havachon. As mentioned, some will have shorter coats, some will have medium length coats, and others will have longer coats. Make every effort to brush your dog twice a week, and stay on top of the grooming as your dog gets older.

As your dog grows, the long coat will bother him or her. It’s important to keep neatly trimmed fur around its pads, paws, and ears at all times. Choose a popular shampoo brand to clean and nourish your dog’s coat and everything will be fine.

Also focus on your dog’s nails. The nails have a tendency to grow very quickly, so you must clip them every few weeks. Inspect the ears every two weeks because infections can develop if ear hair grows too long and starts tangling up.

The Training Needs of the Havachon

As we’ve already mentioned, this dog is incredibly smart and it’s also really curious. That’s good news because it makes it a lot easier to train this dog if you happen to be the right type of owner. You must be consistent and persistent with your training in order for your dog to learn and understand. You can train this dog easy even if it’s an adult or a puppy as long as you’re willing to put in the time and make the commitment.

It’s important to establish dominance early and make sure your dog understands that you’re the leader of the pack. If you do not become the alpha right away, your dog will not follow your training. Once your dog is trained, it will easily listen to you and you can give it commands and it will follow them.

Housebreaking a Havachon

It’s fairly easy to housebreak this particular dog breed. Confine it to the area that you intend to let it use the bathroom in and make sure it stays there until it goes. You have to be consistent with this practice. You can even install a doggie door and teach your dog how to use it. Since this is such a clever dog, potty training and housebreaking isn’t going to take too long because it’s smart and it will figure it out quickly.

The Ideal Havachon Owner

As mentioned earlier, this is a great dog for families with young kids and elderly people looking for a companion. It’s an active dog that loves to go outdoors and it loves to take long walks and spend time with its family members. If you’re willing to spend enough time with this dog, it will be a great companion for you and you’ll have an easy time training it as well.

This dog isn’t cheap and it will cost you a few hundred dollars or more depending on the breeder that you go to.

There are numerous things to know about the Havachon. Read through this information again to decide whether or not it is the best fit for you and your loved ones. Dogs have a tendency to choose their owners, so when you pick your pet allow the dog to choose you and your family and you’ll have an excellent companion on your hands.


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