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10 Major Reasons to Fall in Love with a Shorkie Poo


about a Shorkie PooA Toy Poodle and Shih Tzu Mix

Purebred dogs are excellent and there’s no denying it. But let’s not forget about the Shorkie Poo. This dog will completely make you redefine greatness because it’s amazing. Simply look at one and you’ll instantly fall in love if you aren’t already a dog lover. In fact, being in the vicinity of a Shorkie Poo can turn anyone into a dog lover almost instantly.

Your typical Shorkie is a combination of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shih Tzu. It’s an amalgamation of the word Yorkie and the SH from Shih Tzu, which is how they got the name.

Keeping this naming style in mind, it’s undoubtedly simple to figure out that the Toy Poodle is also in the mix of a Shorkie Poo.  This dog is part of a designer breed when a Toy Poodle is bred with a Shorkie.  Or, you can get a Shorkie Poo when you breed a Shih Tzu and a Yorkipoo, which are a Poodle and a Yorkie mixed breed. You can also breed a Yorkipoo and a Shorkie and end up with a Shorkie Poo. When three different breeds are part of the formula, it gets difficult to determine the different combinations.

What Is so Special about a Shorkie Poo?

We’ve determined 10 major reasons why you should want to own one. The reasons include:

  • These dogs are very cute. As far as main reasons go, this one is good enough for me and many others. These dogs are adorable and it’s hard to come up with other ways to describe just how cute and lovable these little guys tend to be. Take a look on the Internet and use Google Images to find pictures of these beautiful dogs. You will realize almost instantly that the Shorkie Poo is one of the most stunning dogs to ever step foot on the earth.

Nonetheless, the pictures aren’t going to do this incredible dog justice and you really need to see one in real life. Even watching videos on YouTube isn’t enough but they’re definitely a great substitute for the real thing. I’m excited that you’re reading through this article in an attempt to research dog breeds for you and your family.

But please be forewarned that your objectivity might fly directly out the window once you finally set your eyes on a Shorkie Poo. Falling in love has a funny way of making us lose control of our sense and sensibility.

  • These dogs are incredibly affectionate. They’re so much more than just a pretty face. They’re so special because they have a lot of love and affection. They aren’t standoffish and they aren’t aggressive. They love their owners and they eagerly show it.

Shorkie Poo

How is it possible to resist such excited attention directed your way? It’s nearly impossible not to reciprocate the love and affection pointed in your direction.

  • These dogs are friendly to kids. This may seem surprising since Yorkshire Terriers aren’t recognized as kid friendly dogs. But the Shih Tzu part of the mix makes these precious little angels perfect for children. Adding Poodle into the mix is even better for children because of all the dog breeds, Poodles are the most kid friendly and this is widely recognized around the world. If you have kids in your family and you’re looking for an excellent companion for them, the Shorkie Poo is an amazing choice.
  • These dogs are ideal for smaller apartments. It’s safe to say that the wide majority of people do not live in big mansions or homes with lots of extra space and huge backyards. A large portion of the population lives in apartments and they do not have a backyard at all. For large dogs that need plenty of exercise, this is a major problem. When it comes to Shorkie Poos, they aren’t the most active dogs in the first place and they do not need to take up a lot of space.

Please remember that Shorkie Poos like to go on short walks and spend time outdoors playing with the members of their family. But at the same time, they’ll also enjoy bonding with you inside the house or apartment.

  • These dogs are excellent for brand-new dog owners. If you research dog ownership, you could potentially experience feelings of overwhelm by all of the things you need to do to have a well behaved and healthy dog. When it comes to a Shorkie Poo, it’s very easy to make mistakes without suffering from serious consequences like you might with other dogs.

The great thing about a Shorkie Poo is that it is relaxed and very easy to get along with. They aren’t very assertive or overly sensitive, which makes things difficult for new dog owners. You don’t have to worry about potentially traumatizing your dog the first time you make a mistake. And a Shorkie Poo is never going to try to become an Alpha, which is also a nice change of pace for new dog owners.

  • These dogs are really easy to train. This is because they possess Poodle genes. Like Poodles, these dogs are very eager to please. Also like Poodles, who are genius dogs whether you realize it or not, these dogs possess the smart genes that Poodles maintain. And the American Kennel Club considers Shorkie Poos one of the top 10 smartest breeds of dogs in existence today.
  • These dogs are hypoallergenic. Certain dogs have a tendency to shed a lot and some people have a negative reaction to all of this hair. A Shorkie Poo is never going to create this problem at all. They don’t shed that much and they’re tiny dogs to begin with. You’ll never need to purchase a heavy duty vacuum cleaner to pick their hair because there isn’t much to begin with.
  • These dogs are very tiny. Many people love these tiny dogs because they’re incredibly cute and convenient. Kids aren’t going to be afraid of them, which is definitely a plus. And the dog isn’t going to unintentionally hurt your children because it’s too small to do so. You can take a Shorkie Poo with you wherever you go because of its small size. Plus it isn’t going to eat you out of house and home.
  • These dogs are a healthy breed. When breeders specifically breed dogs together they tend to pick the ones with the best qualities, which is why the Shorkie Poo was bred in the first place. They have undergone temperament testing and genetic screening. Mix this with genetic diversity and you’re likely to have a really healthy dog on your hands.
  • These dogs are surprising at times. Since the Shorkie Poo is mixed with three breeds, their dominant traits usually come from one particular dog breed. And not knowing which breed is the dominant one early in life can be fun and interesting. It’s also possible that they’ll go against their typical type, so keep this in mind. Each dog is an individual and it will have its own personality regardless of stereotypes.


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